Using printed lanyards to charge your phone? Now it’s possible! Branded lanyards are great promotional products to raise awareness about your brand at events and trade exhibitions. 
They are also excellent items to attach your company entry cards -or IDs- and carry them around on a daily basis. 
All personalised lanyards serve these purposes perfectly. 
However, the SmartCharger 2-in-1 comes with a great added value: connectivity. 

This printed lanyard has a 2-in-1 connector (micro-USB and iOS) on one side, and a standard USB on the other, allowing you to connect your smartphone to your laptop to receive the necessary battery boost to survive the day.
Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading!

The end of all your interconnectivity problems

Nowadays it’s quite common to have a laptop with standard USB ports, a personal smartphone with a micro-USB charging port and maybe even a company iPhone with an iOS Lightning port. 
If you are at home or at the office, you can have different chargers for each device. 
However, when attending to an event or an exhibition, you cannot carry three different chargers with you. 

Even adapters can get lost between all the stress and bustle of these types of events!

The SmartCharger 2-in-1 lanyard solves these issues in a very effective way:
on one side of the cable you will find a double micro-USB and iOS connector; while on the other side, there is a standard USB connector. 
This will allow you to charge your Android devices or iPhone by just connecting them to a laptop – and it will also let you transfer any files easily from one device to another!
In other words: a great solution to the challenges of the era of interconnectivity.

Personalised lanyards to raise awareness at exhibitions

Apart from its interconnectivity benefits, the SmartCharger is still a branded lanyard, which makes it your best ally to raise awareness at events and exhibitions.
If you are attending to a trade show you probably need to wear your pass ID around your neck.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to promote your brand? 
Order your promotional lanyards, print your logo on them and raise awareness about your brand! 
Whether you are receiving clients at your stand, or walking around the venue, wearing personalised lanyards will help you to promote your company in an easy and effective way.

You can also use printed lanyards as giveaways. 
Give them to your suppliers, partners and visitors so they will stroll around the exhibition center with your logo hanging around their neck. 
It is not only a useful item that they will appreciate and use afterwards:
is also a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. 
Your logo will be everywhere! 
Just imagine the impact… and the face of your competitors!

Brand your office environment with printed lanyards

The use of personalised lanyards is not limited to events and exhibitions though – they are also great daily accessories for your employees and will help you brand your office environment!
If your company employees need to carry entry cards (or even keys!) to access the office, this is the perfect lanyard to attach them.
The SmartCharger is made of strong nylon, has a sleek design and is easy to customise!

By giving printed lanyards to your employees you will make sure that they have their passes around their necks all the time – reducing the possibility of losing them and making their live easier.
esides, they will promote your brand every time they leave the building (without even noticing!).
Customize your promotional lanyards with your logo and with the colour that represents your brand better. 
Select your PMS colour and we will do the magic!

SmartCharger 2-in-1 Lanyard Highlights

The SmartCharger 2-in-1 lanyard works perfectly as a promotional product to raise awareness about your brand at events and exhibitions.
It also allows you to carry your company entry card or keys for the office daily. 
On top of this, it really stands out when it comes to connectivity benefits – making it a must-buy if you plan to attend to any trade shows in the future.
–          Nylon lanyard with USB charging cable
–          2-in-1 connector (microUSB and iOS Lightning)
–          With carabiner hook to attach a badge holder, entry cards or keys
–          Available in multiple colours and customizable with your own PMS colour
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