Decorated Christmas tree isolated.It’s December. A month filled with social gatherings, surprises and gifts. Which also means unwrapping gifts! Once the Christmas tree is up, parcels will be laid beneath it. The number of gifts will increase, as will the level of curiosity and excitement. Will your name be on the gift? You may secretly have a feel or shake or smell a parcel and still you can’t guess what it is…

The nicer the parcels, the greater the expectation. It is not so much the biggest gifts that attract the most attention but rather those gifts in the nicest packaging. Chic paper, bows and ribbons, a little bit of glitter and glamour. That’s what December’s about.

Gifts and expectations

Finally, there comes that moment when people are allowed to unwrap their gifts. Hopes are high. The excitement increases for both recipients and givers. What will people make of their gifts? What does their body language say? How about their facial expressions?

The paper gets cautiously, yet eagerly torn. Then comes the surprise, the happiness, the marvel at a good choice… this is a gift that suits the recipient perfectly, this is what the effort was all about. The price of the gift isn’t the most important thing; the gesture is what counts!

How about the giver? He or she may be glowing even more than the recipient. It’s so nice to make someone happy. It feels so good when your gift is appreciated. The giver can experience the other person’s moment of happiness, with a radiant smile from ear to ear. This is also a moment to reflect.

The effect of a festively packaged business gift

It is important to know what giving and receiving a gift does to a person. The expectations associated with receiving and giving a gift are always high, regardless of whether it is a birthday gift, a Christmas gift or a business gift. Are you giving a business gift to a client or a Christmas gift or Christmas hamper to your employees? The packaging will create expectations, so it is important to devote attention to this. However, you should not create overly high hopes. If you are wrap an inexpensive key chain in exclusive gift wrap, this can set hopes too high and the result can be disappointing. This can have a * effect.

Wrapping gifts to be unwrapped!

In addition, it is important to do some research into the needs of your client. You can always find a business gift that matches the industry in which your client does business. You can also go for custom-made items such as custom-made key chains or custom-made USB sticks in the shape and with the look you want.

The moment of unwrapping? You won’t want to miss it! The gift-giving moment is inextricably linked to the moment of unwrapping. Experience the pleasure of giving, as well as the pleasure of unwrapping. Do this together with IGO-POST and discover the effect of giving, as well as the effect of receiving!

IGO-POST ‘The Experience of Giving!’