Autumn Starts on September 23rd | IGO Promo Gets You Ready

Autumn starts on September 23rd. This is a season of changes: leaves fall from the trees, days get shorter and the weather gets colder. This also means unique new opportunities to benefit from as a company, especially when promoting your brand.
Here are our top-10 promotional products to benefit from the new season and leaf a mark among your employees, clients and partners.

1. MusicLight lamp with speaker

It’s likely that your clients will spend more time at home in Autumn than they did in Summer. This is your opportunity to help them make their house as comfortable as possible.
The MusicLight lamp allows you to change the whole ambience of a room: changing the colour of the light with just one click and reproducing your favourites tunes directly from the lamp -thanks to its built-in Bluetooth wireless speaker.
Because of this promotional item, your brand will be associated with that cool light that helps its clients to relax at home after a hard day at work.

2. StarLED pocket torch

As days get shorter, everything gets darker. Help your relations to be prepared! Whether if they enjoy going away for a field trip or just like to be cautious, StarLED® pocket flashlight will become their best ally against darkness.
Its small size makes it the perfect promotional product to carry around. On top of this, its energy-efficient LED lights will guarantee them months of bright white light!

3. Geo insulated tumbler

A good way of fighting the cold is drinking a hot coffee or tea. Make sure it stays warm with the Geo insulated tumbler. Not only it will serve its main purpose, but it will also help you to promote your brand everywhere they go.
This stainless-steel tumbler has a double wall vacuum construction with copper insulation that will keep your drinks hot for 8 hours (and cold for 24 hours).

4. BambooBoard chopping board

If your customers are going to spend more time at home, it’s likely that they will spend more time in kitchen as well. The bamboo chopping board stands out as the perfect promotional product for those passionate about cooking.
Bamboo is lightweight and breaks down bacteria faster than wood and plastic. Besides, it is also an excellent choice for an environmentally conscious promotion.

5. ColoradoClassic umbrella

Rainy season is back! Yay!
If you are as upset about it as we are, the least you can do is make good use of it.
Get promotional umbrellas for your customers and save them the unpleasant trouble of getting all wet if it suddenly starts to rain. Personalise your umbrellas with your logo and be their hero on a rainy day!

6. Slide VR glasses

Have you ever dreamt about visiting the paradisiac beaches of the Caribbean without spending one single euro? Now it’s possible… kind of. These Slide VR glasses will allow you -and your partners- to disconnect from the cold and rainy reality of Autumn and go back to a warmer and sunnier time.
Besides the multiple entertainment uses of the VR glasses, this technology also serves many other purposes: teaching lessons at school, showing projects to clients, giving virtual tours in retail shops, etc.

7. 2600mAh power bank

The drop in temperature usually implies more people taking the public transport. And we all know the aftermath: delays!
Make sure that your clients and partners don’t run out of battery on their way home with this portable power bank. Compact, useful and easy to carry around. And what it’s better: a branding opportunity that you don’t want to miss out!

8. NightWalker armband

Running is a popular activity. However, as daylight hours get reduced, runners get more concerned about safety once it gets dark. Thanks to the NightWalker armband this will no longer be an issue!
This elastic armband comes with a fluorescent strip and LED light that will help you stand out in the dark. It can be set to 3 modes: fast flashing, slow flashing and continuous light.
Show your customers and partners that you care about their health and safety with this promotional product!

9. Gildan HoodedContrast sweater

Colder times are coming. Get ready for it. Sweaters and hoodies are a safe bet in terms of promotional products. You can give them to employees, clients or partners during events and they will carry them around, promoting your brand, for years!
The Gildan Hooded Contrast is a perfect choice regarding quality, price and design. This hooded sweater has contrasted colours on the inside and anti-pilling fleece.

10. Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

With the beginning of the rainy season, you want your luggage to stay dry. The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack fulfills this requisite, and many others!
This bag is made out of high-quality polyester and comes with hidden zip closures, secret pockets, cut-proof and water repellent material and integrated USB charging port. Plus, it has reflecting details for safety in the dark.
Bobby is also padded with compartments suitable for a 15.6” laptop and up to 10” tablet. In other words, this is the perfect promotional product for your employees, clients and partners!