Top 10 original promotional products

Many companies recognize the value of corporate gifts. This is a great way to strengthen the bond with your business relationships. And not only that: promotional gifts with a logo also make a good contribution to the awareness of your brand. But if you really want to make an impression, it’s important to be distinctive. The more original the promotional gifts are, the greater the impact. And that’s why we’ve listed 10 original promotional gifts that you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

1. VINGA Asado Apron

This is not just any kitchen apron as it is made of stonewashed canvas with PU leather details. The more you wear it, the more beautiful the material becomes. A sturdy apron that everyone in the kitchen will enjoy.

2. Tower Game

Compete with each other with this fun stacking game, packed in a cotton bag with rules. Who will be the first to demolish the tower? Then you are the loser. Of course, revenge is always possible. This game is very addictive and fun.

3. Palmdale Speaker

With this 16W Palmdale wireless speaker, you can enjoy your favourite music anytime. The waterproof design and integrated lanyard means you can take your music with you wherever you go. The speaker is made from RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified recycled ABS and recycled PET.

4. Philips TWS In-Earbuds

When it comes to original gifts, you can’t miss these Philips headphones. The earphones guarantee an exceptional listening experience and crystal clear phone calls. And did you know that we print a logo on these earbuds? A subtle way to create more brand awareness.

5. Iqoniq Hoodie

A hoodie that fits well and lasts a long time. This hoodie is made from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled cotton. The sweater has a double-layer hood and a soft, brushed interior for extra comfort. And that’s not all, 2% of every hoodie sold is donated to

6. VINGA Sortino weekend bag

Would you like to take your logo with you on a weekend trip or as carry-on luggage on a longer trip? Then choose this stylish weekender bag with faux leather details. The bag is lightweight, durable and offers plenty of space to carry items.

7. Acacia cutting board set 2pcs

This Acacia wood cutting board is almost too pretty to put on the table. The board is made of Acacia wood and have a juice channel that ensures that the juice from olives or meat products does not reach the table. This is so handy!

8. AWARE™ Hammam Towel

Hammam towels are multifunctional: use them as a picnic blanket, baby blanket, yoga, beach or gym towel. And these hammam towels from Ukiyo Yumiko are lightweight, highly absorbent, sand resistant and quick drying. Made from recycled cotton. What more do you ask for?

9. Contigo® Thermo bottle

Do you want to keep your hot drink warm for up to 13 hours and your cold drink chilled for up to 30 hours? This is possible with the Contigo® Fuse thermos bottle. These innovative thermoses are odorless, tasteless, BPA free, 100% leak proof and can be operated with one hand.

10. Power bank with dynamo

Are you looking for a durable and original promotional gift? This power bank is made from recycled plastic, runs on solar energy and has a crank dynamo. The power bank is equipped with a dynamo to manually generate power when there is no sunlight. So you are always sure of the power supply.

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Enough inspiration to take a look at some fun giveaways for your next trade show? If you need help finding the right one, the IGO Profile team will be happy to help you find the best promotional gifts for your particular company.

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