These are the trends for promotional gifts in 2024

At IGO Promo we think it is important to keep an eye on the trends for promotional gifts. As a specialist in printing promotional gifts, we want to give you advice on the promotional gifts that best suit your target group and this year’s trends. What are the most popular promotional gifts? We will tell you all about that in this article.

1. Fast delivery time

In the past, extended delivery times posed no issue for us. However, our current expectations for faster product arrivals have evolved, driven by our accustomed consumer preferences. Additionally, there are numerous scenarios demanding quick turnaround times, such as the need for items at upcoming events like trade fairs or last-minute orders for promotional gifts. Recognizing these requirements, IGO Promo has introduced a ‘delivered within 2 weeks’ filter on our website, allowing you to easily identify products that come with expedited shipping options.

2. Business gifts made from unusual materials

One important topic that has been a trend for some years and will keep being so in 2024 is sustainability. Many companies are looking for ways to become a more sustainable business. One of those ways is thinking about good, sustainable options for promotional gifts. And in this we see several original, unusual materials emerging. How about a notebook made of elephant dung paper? Or an apple leather wallet? Read more in the article about products made from unusual materials. Put together a sustainable package or come up with a fun campaign where you give away sustainable products. In this way you not only contribute to a better planet, but you also send a good signal to the outside world.

3. Save energy

Saving energy is still the talk of the town and in line with sustainable promotional gifts, this is a topic to which you as an employer can contribute. One way could be to turn the heating down a degree and ensure that employees feel less cold by giving them a nice warm blanket, hoodie, or fleece jacket, on which you can also have your logo printed. Or think of trendy sustainable promotional gifts such as a power bank or solar-powered bicycle lamp. In this way, electricity can be saved again. Every action counts.

4. Local products

Why would you have products come from far away, when they are also available locally and nationally? We see a trend that consumers are increasingly opting for locally produced promotional gifts. Think of ‘Made in Europe products such as a calendars, pens, or keyrings. Be surprised by the various traditional products that you can have printed with your logo or another print. We also have a handy filter option for these local products in the IGO Promo range: ‘country of origin’.

5. Quality before quantity

There is an increased focus on quality of products and less about quantity. We are seeing an increase interest in the more ‘premium’ items with a longer lifespan. People prefer to spend a little more money on useful products than cheap items that break easily. Here are some examples of premium promotional gifts:

6. Employer branding

It is increasingly important to have a strategy that focus on your employees and thereby, you as an employer should include employer branding. In essence, this is about conveying the right image of your company, show how much fun it is to work at your company. Make sure that your employees also proudly promote your brand by giving them a cap or jacket with a logo that can contribute to increased visibility as well. In addition, when recruiting new staff, offer them a gift with your logo, and when they start their first day, give them a welcome package with useful products. Maybe they will share this with friends, acquaintances or on social media!

With the help of the above promotional gift trends, you will certainly have enough inspiration for 2024. Surprise your employees, customers and relations with a printed promotional gift and you will immediately ensure good branding!

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