The marketing trends for 2024

Promotional gifts and materials are part of your marketing strategy. They are tools that contribute to the visibility of your company. It is important to stay informed of developments in the field of marketing and to take this into account when determining the right marketing strategy. Based on this, you can take a strategic look at which marketing resources you are going to use. To help you with this, we have listed 6 important marketing trends for 2024 and how you can respond to them.

1. Think about sustainable and ethical marketing

This is a trend that has been going on in recent years and will continue in 2024. An increasing number of companies are making decisions with attention to the economy, the environment and society. Every company has its own interpretation of this. It is a process that takes place in steps and is not possible overnight. We wrote about this earlier in the article about Corporate Social Responsibility. In terms of marketing, you can also take this into account and look at the possibilities for an honest and sincere sustainable campaign. Read the article with tips for setting up a sustainable campaign and get started. IGO Promo has various sustainable products to support such a campaign.

2. Ensure direct interaction with your customers

‘Conversational marketing’ is an important marketing trend that will continue in 2024. This involves having real-time conversations with your (potential) customers using, for example, WhatsApp or a chatbot on the website. We live in a time when people are impatient and don’t feel like waiting for a response. The faster you can help them, the better. Nowadays there are many solutions for this in the form of AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants that answer questions and provide guidance with the purchasing decision.

3. Approach your customers in a personal way

Following the previous trend in marketing, it is important to approach both your customers and potential customers in a personal way. This ensures greater customer satisfaction. And this is not just about using the name in emails, but also offering personalized content. Consider, for example, personalized product recommendations, tailor-made packaging and promotional gifts that are truly tailored to the individual. IGO Promo is happy to help you determine the right gifts and personalize them.

4. Make AI work for your business

AI can of course not be excluded when it comes to the marketing trends of 2024. A trend that has emerged at an enormous speed in 2023 and that will become an indispensable part of our society for the time being. Try not to see AI as a threat, rather embrace the technology and see how you can use it for your company to enrich your marketing. The possibilities are endless, and it not only provides inspiration, but also support to your marketing and sales.

5. Focus on the human experience

Even if AI is on the rise, it remains important to focus on the human experience as well. This is all about creating an experience and the ‘wow effect’ around a product or brand. Build a real connection with your target group. If we link this to promotional products, it is important to choose products that match that experience. Products that provide a lasting memory of your brand.

6. Combine online with offline marketing resources

In the digital age, online marketing has thrived, but there’s a notable comeback for offline strategies. The desire for tangible experiences is reshaping the marketing landscape. The sweet spot? A hybrid strategy—melding online precision with offline tangibility. For instance, leverage promotional products to amplify your online presence. The key? Measurable results. In 2024, success isn’t an either-or between online and offline—it’s about finding the perfect balance.

Now you have more insight into the marketing trends that you can respond to in 2024. Make sure that your marketing choices are tailored to the professional expectations and personal values of your employees and (potential) customers. Need help determining promotional gifts that fit within the chosen marketing strategy? The IGO Promo team is ready to help you.

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