The year is coming to an end. 
We are just a few days away to a new beginning, a fresh start. 
Now it´s the perfect time to recap and find out which have been the most popular promotional products and business gifts of 2018.
Competition was tight, but we finally have our winners – keep reading and discover the best-selling printed items of 2018!

Most popular promotional product: Ebony Matte pen

Printed pens are the kings of promotional products. 
They are useful, affordable and easy to carry around. 
The Ebony Matte meets all these requirements, plus it comes with a slick design and a great durability. 
It has been the most popular printed pen for years -and it’s hard to think of another branded pen to take its throne.
You can use it on a daily basis: at the office, at school or university, as a giveaway item… you just cannot go wrong with it! 
Besides, it’s available in multiple colours, and it’s easily customizable – your logo will look great on it!

Most popular promotional product for the office: A5 Pocket Notebook

Despite living in a digital world, there’s still something special about writing things down on paper.
Notebooks are perfect for taking notes in meetings, brainstorming ideas, and even for doodling during idle periods at the office. 
Fun fact: according to Harvard, doodling has many benefits like improving concentration and relieving physiological distress.
From all notebooks, the A5 pocket notebook stood out in 2018 as the most popular one. 
Its small size, portability and durability (hard-cover) truly made it a buyers’ favourite!

Most popular promotional product for events and exhibitions: Lanyard 2cm

Are you attending or organizing an event or trade exhibition? 
If yes, printed lanyards are mandatory if you want your brand to be recognized and stand out from the crowd.
Print your logo on them and attach your badge holder with your business card and your badge. 
Choose from more than 10 colours available to make it as branded as possible.
Besides, these lanyards are made of strong woven polyester, which means that you’ll be able to use them over and over again!

Most popular business gift: Parker Jotter pen

Giving business gifts is one of the oldest and most effective ways of showing gratitude to clients, partners, employees and even managers.
Pens have traditionally been -and still are- among the most popular business gifts. 
There are many brands of pens, and a wide range of prices as well. 
However, there’s one brand that stands out from the rest for its excellent quality-price ratio: Parker.
The Parker Jotter Pen was originally released in 1954, after nine years of research. 
More than 60 years later, it’s still one of Parker’s most iconic pens. 
This updated version offers a modern take on a classic design, with stunning details, synonym of style and elegance, that make the Jotter the perfect gift. 
And of course: it comes with a nice gift box!

Most popular promotional clothing: Target T-Shirt Fruit of the Loom®

Personalised clothing is perfect for promoting your brand, your team and your events. 
T-shirts are particularly top-notch products within this category: they’re affordable, easy to customize and, of course, perfectly wearable.
There are a lot of great brands of promotional t-shirts (Gildan, L&S, B&C. Stedman…), but this year one stood out of its competitors: 
Fruit of the Loom -and more specifically their Target® model.
This custom t-shirt is made 100%* of cotton (except its grey model), it comes with double stitched hems and no side seams. 
It´s available for men, women and kids in more than 15 colours and 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL and XXL).

Most popular promotional giveaway: Shopper Shopping Bag

What are the essential traits of promotional giveaways? 
They must be affordable, easy to customize, and, needless to say, useful and lasting.
Shopper® amply meets all these requirements: a practical and re-usable shopping bag, ideal for events, trade shows, retail and almost any other occasion you can think of.
Shopper® is made of an ultra-light synthetic material and it comes with long handles to be used as a shoulder bag.
Besides, re-usable shopping bags also contribute to helping the planet by reducing the amount of plastic consumed!

Most popular tech gadget: Power Bank PowerCharger 2000

What is your most used electronic device every day? 
Probably your smartphone, right? 
Running out of phone battery is one of today’s scariest things – and it’s most likely your customers, partners, suppliers and employees feel the same way!
That’s why portable power banks are such popular promotional products nowadays. 
With so many models to choose from, it comes down to personal preference. 
However, there can only be one winner and this year that was the PowerCharger® 2000!
This compact aluminum power bank and it’s 2000mAh build-in lithium battery will give the necessary battery boost to reach the end of day without problem. 
It comes with USB and microUSB charging cable and it’s compatible with the most common mobile devices.

Most popular promotional seasonal item: Malibu sunglasses

Every season has its moments – and every moment has its highlighted promotional item. 
This year’s most popular seasonal product was a summery one: the Malibu sunglasses.
The Malibu offer, for a very low price, a stylish pair of sunglasses with UV 400 protection (following the European standards) and open a world of endless promotional possibilities in festivals, summer events, etc. 
Coming in close in terms of popularity there were other season printed products, like the Gildan Quality Sweater (for Autumn), Regatta Softshell jacket (for Winter), and Colorado umbrella (for Spring – unfortunately).

Most popular sports promotional product: Sirius water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential in any workplace – that is why promotional water bottles are such popular printed items.
The Sirius bottle has it all: it’s sturdy, leak-free and durable. 
On top of this, it’s made of BPA-FREE plastic and it’s 100% re-usable. 
You won’t only promote your brand, you will also help the planet by reducing the consumption of plastic!
The Sirius water bottle is perfect to be used at the office, the gym or outdoors. 
It has a capacity of 650 ml. and it’s available in multiple colours!

Most popular eco-friendly promotional product: ShoppyBag shopping bag

Eco-friendly promotional products are becoming increasingly popular – and for a good reason. 
Year after year, IGO’s assortment of eco-friendly items gets bigger too.
In 2018, the winner in terms of popularity was the ShoppyBag, a shopping bag made of 100% woven cotton, strong, durable and re-usable.
However, competition was tight and other items like the bamboo chopping board and the recycled notebook came in close.
Hopefully, a few years from now, the most popular products in all our categories will also be eco-friendly. 
In the meantime, at IGO we will keep increasing our ‘green assortment’ in order to satisfy our most sustainable customers and help the planet as much as we can.

Most popular promotional decoration item: Balloon 33cm

The most popular promotional product made of latex in the IGO assortment (as of yet?).
These 33 cm balloons are perfect for giving a special touch to any event.
Print your logo on them and let your brand become the star of the party. 
Also suitable for helium (last 8 hours approximately). 
Who said promoting your brand couldn’t be done in a fun way?