Technology trends to promote your brand in 2019

Do you want to reinforce your relationship with customers, partners and suppliers? 
Or make a good first impression on potential new employees?
Give them something that they will surely appreciate: promotional technology gadgets.

The use of branded technology gadgets as promotional products has grown enormously in the past years.
In 2011, only 3.12% of all promotional giveaways were tech items. 
This percentage increased to 5.6% in 2017 – and it keeps growing.

Smartphones have become essential devices in our daily lives. 
Therefore, it can be expected for any related accessories to become best-sellers too. 
According to the latest studies, the top 3 reasons for people to keep promotional products are: 
being fun, functional and trendy – and technology gadgets and smartphones accessories meet all three requirements.

Keep reading and discover the top techy trends that will skyrocket your brand promotion in 2019!

Wireless chargers

Wireless technology is taking over. 
The number of smartphones compatible with this technology is growing every year, and nowadays there are more than 70 popular devices with the built-in Qi tech that allows wireless charging.

However, wireless charging is still far from mainstream – even most users with compatible phones still use traditional chargers with wires. 
And that’s where your biggest opportunity lies.

In a few years (or months), (almost) all smartphones will support wireless charging and companies will give charging pads as branded giveaways. 
Beat your competitors to it and promote your brand with wireless chargers with logo. Today.

There’s already a great selection to choose from: 
stand-up pads, chargers with a Bluetooth speaker incorporated, desk organizers with Qi tech, or portable power banks with wireless charging, among other more traditional models.
The choice is yours!

Promotional adapters to solve inter-connectivity issues

USB, Micro-USB, USB Type-C, Lightning (iOS)… there’s a wide range of different connectors and ports nowadays – which makes inter-connectivity quite complicated sometimes.
You probably have already suffered the struggle of connecting a regular USB stick to a new MacBook (spoiler: it doesn’t fit).
Or charging your brand-new smartphone with USB type-C with an old charger with micro-USB connector (spoiler: it doesn’t work either). 
It’s likely that your customers, partners, suppliers and employees have eventually faced -and still do- similar connectivity challenges.

The solution is easier, smaller and cheaper than it seems: adapters.
These little pieces will help you (and your business contacts) to solve almost any connectivity issues: 
from USB to USB-type C; from micro-USB to USB type-C and/or Lightning (iOS)… there is a solution for every case!

And if you were worried about losing them… don´t!
You can even find lanyards with attached 3-in-1 adapters (0812)! 
We told you: a solution for every case!

Print your logo on them and use them as giveaway to promote your brand. You just can’t go wrong!

Sports wearables

The use of sports wearables is increasing at an incredibly fast rate. 
In fact, according to the industry analysts, worldwide sales will grow by an average of 20% each year over the next five years.

Sports wearables have become valuable instruments to improve sports performance. 
Recent studies have proven that wearable sensors can provide helpful data to design more efficient trainings and even screen potential causes of injury.

However, the use of these gadgets is also increasing outside of the sports bubble. 
Smartwatches and bracelets are used to keep track of daily steps, walking distance, sleeping hours, beats-per-minute or simply to check the hour.

The market is growing, and you should make the best of it!
Sports wearables and fitness trackers are great business gifts for those premium customers, partners or suppliers who love sports, or who just want to keep track of their daily performance. 
Jump on the hype train before it´s too late!

Promotional audio gadgets

YouTube and the music streaming platforms have turned listening to music into a daily habit. 
Spotify reached the 87 million (paying) subscribers worldwide in November 2018 – while Apple Music hit the 56 million mark. 
Two years before, these streaming platforms only had 40 and 17 million subscribers (respectively).

Listening to music is trendier than ever – and you should benefit from it when promoting your brand.

Promotional audio gadgets have also evolved greatly in the past years in terms of quality, design and variety: 
from Bluetooth Wireless earphones and over-ear headphones, to printed retro speakers and waterproof speakers. 
Yes, you have read correctly: High-Quality Bluetooth speakers with a carabiner hook and a removable suction cup, so you can hang them or attach them anywhere – even in the shower!
Welcome to the future (of promotional products).

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