Personalised sports water bottles are great promotional products – they can be used indoors (in an office environment) or outdoors; during work or at the gym afterwards.
Even at home!
It’s an item for all publics and ages!
Branded water bottles allow you to promote your brand on many occasions, help the planet by reducing waste, and encourage your receivers to stay hydrated.
All benefits!
Besides: they are (usually) affordable, which -let’s be honest- is always a plus.
However, not all personalised sports water bottles are the same. 
There are dozens of different models and brands.
Why should you choose the Sirius water bottle over any other option? 
Here are our main reasons why:

Sirius water bottle: a healthy choice 🍃

The Sirius bottle is made of a clear, resistant and durable plastic. 
But more important: it’s BPA-free! 
BPA (stands for Bisphenol-A) is a chemical used to produce reusable plastic products. 
It can be found on multiple everyday items, such as water bottles, and It has been proven that BPA has negative health effects.
BPA-free water bottles, such as the Sirius water bottle, neutralize any risks derived from the consumption of this dangerous chemical.
We don’t want to get too dramatic, but it’s always important to think about health, even when buying promotional products!
However, being BPA-free is not the only healthy benefit from Sirius. 
By giving this item to your employees, customers, partners or suppliers, you will be encouraging them to drink more water and, therefore, keeping their body hydrated and healthy!

Fun fact! 
The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends drinking at least two liters of water every day (or three Sirius bottles!). 
Among the many benefits of drinking water, we can find: 
controlling weight, increasing energy level, preventing depressive disorders, and having a healthier skin!

A versatile promotional product for all audiences! ❤️💙💚💛🧡💜🖤

Thanks to its sturdy Tritan plastic, the Sirius water bottle is perfect for indoor or outdoor activities; 
for the office, the gym or even to be used daily at home.
Sirius has the perfect capacity (650ml) and is easy to carry around thanks to its practical screw cap with carry handle. 
On top of this, you won’t need to worry about leaking water: it’s leak-free!
However, the Sirius truly excels when it comes to customization options: 
it’s available in 10 colours and you can print your logo (on the front or on the back) with the silkscreen print technique 
– the best one for plastic water bottles.
The results will satisfy the most exquisite buyers and will make your brand look great!


It’s hard to think of another personalised water bottle that offers more for its price than the Sirius bottle.
Sirius is a perfect promotional product for all publics and uses.
o   Clear, resistant and durable Tristan plastic
o   BPA-free!
o   Leak-free
o   Perfect capacity: 650 ml.
o   Easy to carry around thanks to its carry handle
o   Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities
o   Multiple personalization options
o   Help the planet by reducing the consumption the plastic with re-usable bottles!