Use energy-saving products for your business

Energy conservation is still a very debated topic that forces us to think and act. The EU countries have already started major campaigns for energy saving. Many companies, but also private individuals, are following along and doing their best to save energy. In a previous article, we gave tips on how to creating a sustainable campaign. How can energy-saving products be part of such a sustainable campaign? And what kind of products might these be? Read more about this in this article.

Save energy by heating less

Many energy conservation initiatives involve reducing energy consumption for heating commercial properties and homes.

There are very practical energy-saving products that you, as an employer, can ensure that your employees feel less cold, both at home and on the company premises. We have listed some popular products that you can use for this:

Save energy by using less electricity

There are also many opportunities to save energy in lighting. Traditional incandescent lights are known to consume much more electricity than halogen lights, and halogen lights consume more electricity than LED lights. Replace these lights as needed and ensure that the light can be adjusted to different groups. Turn off the light or place e.g. a light sensor in places where there is no work throughout the day.

There are also nice promotional items to reduce power consumption. Use them as gifts or promotional gifts. We name our top 5:

Even more sustainable products

Respecting the environment is very important and it is good to be aware of it. This is not only about saving energy, but also about avoiding waste, reducing water consumption and many other aspects related to the environment. IGO Promo has a sustainable version of most products. Preferably choose a product with a long life. In addition, you can choose from certain materials that are degradable, recyclable or already recycled. You can find more information about this in the article on sustainable materials. We also have a special collection of products, the Aware Impact Collection, to support the prevention of water wastage. Meaning, there are plenty of opportunities to make a conscious choice for the environment.

We not only supplement our range with increasingly sustainable and energy-saving products, but we also contribute for a better environment. We plant at least one tree per received order. See our offer and let yourself be inspired. If you find anything of interest, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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