Save energy and stay warm!

Saving energy is currently on everyone’s lips. If we already had a lot of food for thought with Fridays for Future and many other initiatives, it is now the case that the factors leading to the energy crisis are forcing us to rethink and act. The EU is also reacting and has already started energy-saving campaigns. Many companies as well as private individuals are following and want or have to participate. How can you follow the trend with promotional items? We’ll tell you.

Popular products for heating

The basis of the current initiatives relates to reducing the heating energy used. Some companies want to follow this trend. But who wants to take the risk of employees freezing and maybe getting sick? That’s why blankets and hoodies or fleece jackets are particularly popular as employee gifts and are particularly popular with a logo or a cool motivational slogan. Printed thermal mugs and bottles are also very suitable to ensure that everyone is warm from the inside. Heat pads with imprints are of course also available for short-term warming. Also in their own homes people decided to heat less, if not only because of the price, many also with an keen eye on our environment.

Energy saving: The lighting is restricted

Many cities and municipalities have decided to limit lighting in some areas, mostly public buildings, but also some street lights. But that doesn’t change the fact that you still have to go home in the evening or that the dog still has to be walked. Therefore, handy flashlights are becoming more and more popular. In the best case, of course, ones that are not operated with conventional batteries, but as dynamo flashlights or solar lamps, such as for your own bike with this bicycle lamp set with logo.

Sustainability in all walks of life

Even if we don’t want to point the finger, we should all be aware that respecting our environment is becoming increasingly important. Of course, this is about saving energy, as with the solar products mentioned, but also about avoiding waste and many other environmental aspects. We would therefore like to point out that we have a sustainable option for almost every promotional item. This can present itself in very different ways. Basically, we advise you to choose a promotional item that will be used for a long time. Then you can stick to certain materials, like degradable, recyclable or already recycled material. In addition, there are also series that deliberately avoid wasting water in production, such as the Aware Impact Collection. So there are enough possibilities to make a conscious decision for the environment.

Last but not least, we would also like to mention that in addition to changing our range to more and more sustainable items, we are also trying to give our part back to the environment. We plant at least one tree per order received! Browse our range and let yourself be inspired. If you are unsure, we will be happy to help you personally and advise you.

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