Psychology of Colours

Choosing the right colour for your promotional products is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts. Colours are not merely aesthetic choices; they have a powerful psychological and emotional influence on people. When used strategically, the right colours can enhance brand recognition, convey specific messages, and even evoke desired emotions. This article will help you navigate to find the best colour for your promotional products.

In the competitive world of marketing, where first impressions matter immensely, selecting the appropriate colour for your promotional items can make a substantial difference in capturing your target audience’s attention and leaving a lasting, positive impression.

What feeling and message do you want to mediate?

Dependent on what feeling you want your receiver to have, the colour plays a significant role. Usually, warmer tones give a feeling of either safety or warning. Meaning, colours as red, orange, or yellow, are all colour that draw people’s attention, and is the reason these colours often are used for warnings or safe spaces. However, cooler colours as blue, green, and violet make people feel cool and refreshed. These colours mediate a feeling of calmness and “more away” from the eye in contrast to the warmer tones. The colour blue is often used in healthcare and finance as they want to leave the customer with a feeling of trust.

The choice of colour need careful consideration and you need to have a good balance of contrasts and balance in your colours. These includes colours for your website, adverting, visiting cards, etc. The most important question you need to ask yourself is: What message do we want to give? To create a strong brand image and recognition, you need to mediate the right message that is suitable for your brand.

Colour notes

Not only does the different colours give different feelings in people, but the shades do also have different meaning. Depending on what message and feeling you want to give your customer, you should really considerer what shade of a colour you are using. Looking at the picture below, the choice of a shade is important.

Did you know that…

  • McDonald’s have chosen the yellow colour to attract customers, stimulate hunger and make them feel happy, and friendly.
  • The reason for Barbie being pink is because the colour pink represents femininity and glamour. There is even a “Barbie Pink” trademarked colour.
  • Black and white leaves a feeling of elegance and simplicity which identifies and confirms the focus Adidas has with the brand and products.

Buying promotional products

To make sure you have chosen the right colours for your brand, you should look at these 4 steps:

  1. Understand your brand identity: To be sure you are communicating the right feeling to your customers, you should evaluate your brand identity, values, and mission to make sure you have the right colours for your brand. This also includes looking at what colours is common within your industry and sector.
  2. Target audience: Who is your customer? What age group are they, genders, culture, and other demographic information? Doing research of your customers is necessary to make the colours resonate with your customers.
  3. What colours? Based on these discoveries, the choice of colours should be clear and easy as there are many manuals of which colour communicates what. Is it warmer colours you should go for or the cooler colours?
  4. Be consistent: When you have chosen your colours and shades, it is important that these colours are being used in all aspects of your business. Including marketing material, logo, flyers, PowerPoint presentation, office supplies and so forth. This makes you brand image transparent and clear to the customer.

When you have gone through these steps, the choice of what colour your promotional products should be, becomes obvious. At IGO Promo, we have a large range of products and colours. Have your logo printed at any of our product ready to be used as a part of your marketing. A perfect gift to give both customers and visitors, but also thank your employees and partners.

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