SüßigkeitenWould you like to deploy an inexpensive promotional item that will always get you the thumbs-up? If so, why not go for some candy? Candy is delicious, whether sweet or refreshing, and it is always popular. Candy is more popular than ever during the months of November and December. Different countries have different traditions, and candy is a big part of this. Take, for example, Halloween and Christmas.

Candy – the ideal giveaway item at trade fairs

It is a relatively inexpensive promotional item, which means you can hand out generous amounts of it at a trade fair. Decorate your stand with an attractive glass pot or bowl filled with candy. Many people find candy irresistible. Therefore, you will also find that many visitors and passersby will stop at your stall to pick out some candy. If not for themselves, then for someone at home. Candy lovers can be found anywhere, at any time.

Simply take some candy

People will be more than happy to take some candy, in particular peppermints, from your company’s reception desk. You can also place a candy jar in a meeting room, waiting room or any other rooms where visitors are welcomed. Visitors that take a refreshing peppermint are more the rule than the exception. Also, people will always appreciate a little piece of chocolate with their coffee.

Candy wrappers and candy packaging printed with your logo

If you get candy wrappers printed, then your clients or visitors will see your name time and again. Your promotion will spread quite quickly. At IGO-POST you can deploy your promotion using different types of candy, including peppermints, wine gums, coffee bonbons and fruit candy.  The presentation is up to you. You can go for tubes of candy, loose candy and candy that comes in small buckets, cans or bags. All of which can be printed for your promotion.

Make good use of the irresistible power of candy. Smart promotions that can be deployed in countless ways in numerous locations.