4 October is World Animal Day. On this day, there is a worldwide spotlight on animal rights, the protection of endangered species and on the welfare and living environment of animals.

Do you pay special attention to World Animal Day?

4 October is not just about devoting attention to your own pets. All sorts of campaigns and activities are organised. Schools like to focus on World Animal Day in an educational way; it is an ideal opportunity for getting children and young people to think about ‘animals’ in the broadest sense of the word.

For companies who have any sort of link with animals, World Animal Day is a perfect opportunity for promoting their business. People love animals, are sensitive to their welfare and like to see positive attention being devoted to animals. World Animal Day is the ideal occasion for companies to respond to this. For example, there are plenty of vets who offer a free consultation and pet shops who will give your pet a free check-up. Many animal shelters open their doors in the hope that their residents will find a new home. Positive attention for the animals, but also for the companies/organisations that catch the eye on 4 October.

Long-lasting promotions, even after 4 October

All kinds of promotional items and gifts are available to reinforce the focus on World Animal Day. For example, there are plenty of soft toys and teddy bears, key rings with the cutest super-soft animals, fleece blankets held by animals and animal pencils. All sorts of furry friends in different price ranges and suitable for young and old. If you have these items printed with your name or logo, it will not just be the animal, but also your name that is in the spotlight. With a strong slogan, you can also make a statement.

World Animal Day-related items will be used for a long time after 4 October. Your name will be seen again and again and the promotional item will be repeatedly associated with your positive gesture on World Animal Day. You will be expressing your feelings for animals, and that will be good for your image.