Promoting your brand with clothing is a great way to raise awareness. 
If done properly, it will have a huge positive impact on how your brand/company is perceived.

There are many uses for promotional apparel, and not all are related with branding your employees. 
Company wear can also be used in team building activities, sports, events, or even as a gift.
Keep reading to see how promotional clothing can help you fulfill your purpose!

Branding your workplace

Having your employees wear clothing with your logo will increase brand awareness:
it will make them more recognizable and will help them stand out from the crowd – both in their workplace and outside.

On top of this, promotional apparel will create a more professional-looking atmosphere at your work environment. 
Furthermore, it’ll help clients to identify your business activity.

Here’s some examples of how:
– Use promotional sports t-shirts if you work as personal trainer or in a sports shop
– Look at promotional polo shirts if you work in an office or a retail shop
– Try using branded safety clothing if you work on a construction site or any other hazardous environment

Team building activities

A great way of motivating your colleagues is to arrange team-building activities.

Do they like football?
Create a team and make sure that you all are well equipped – with sport-shirts with your company logo.
 Play a great game and your opponents will never forget your brand and might even want to join the winning team!

Are they into hiking or sailing? 
Make sure to wear appropriate clothing for each occasion. 
Whether you are going to spend the day in the mountains or on sea, waterproof and windproof clothing is essential – always branded, of course!

But not everything has to be sports-related. 
Nowadays, activities like escape rooms and laser tags are very popular among companies. 
Dress up accordingly, even if it’s only for the pictures!

A token of appreciation

Promotional clothing can also be given as a gift to employees, customers, partners and suppliers. 
Brands such as Regatta®, Slazenger® and JAKO® have a great variety of top-quality jackets and sweaters that could become the perfect giveaway.
If you have a tight budget, there are other good options like polo shirts or complements such as gloves or scarves. 
Keep in mind that, since the chosen clothes will be given as a gift, they must be useful and wearable – good taste is essential!


Winter clothing for cold days, summer clothing for hot days, in-between season clothes for the rest. 
Promotional apparel can have many uses, but it’s crucial to always adapt to the current moment of the year.

Don’t make your employees to wear fleece fabrics during Summer or tank tops in Winter (actually, don’t make them use tank tops at all!). 
The same principle applies to giveaway promotional clothing. 

Despite they can be used afterwards, make sure you’re aligned with either seasonality, the type of event or both. 
If not, you might indeed raise awareness about your brand – but not in a positive way!