It’s quite common to set up new healthy goals at the beginning of the year. 
We’ve talked about how your brand could (and should) benefit from it in our previous blog post.
However, New Year’s is also a perfect opportunity to make new professional resolutions: 
improving your work performance, gaining more responsibilities and, why not, getting a well-deserved salary raise!
Do you want 2019 to become your best work year ever? 
These are our tips to achieve all the goals you have set your mind to, and more!

Become more organized

Don’t be a mess. 
If you want to become (even more) successful, this is a clear premise.
Improve your work performance by becoming more organized. 
Set weekly goals, take notes in meetings (and follow-up afterwards) and write down your ideas and thoughts on paper.
It’s also useful to create a list with all your tasks, so you don’t forget anything. 
There is nothing worse than missing a deadline just because you forgot it.
You just need a pen and a notebook (and some constancy) to make it happen!

Learn how to focus

Work overload has become a major problem in many work organisations. 
Learning how to focus on the most important tasks will help you become more effective and, therefore, to successfully achieve all your goals.
Social interaction is essential to create positive working environments. 
However, isolating yourself to gain focus can be equally beneficial in certain occasions.
Information overload can also become a serious issue. 
Attention is a limited resource, so you need to drive away from distractions to optimize your time and performance.
Pick up a good soundtrack and a pair of nice headphones, lose yourself in the music and your concentration will increase without you even realizing it.

Fun fact: many studies have shown that music increases productivity by 15%. 
It also helps to reduce feeling tired and eliminate negative thoughts.

Expand your knowledge and skills

It’s never too late to expand your knowledge!
As a professional, you have many options to do so:
enroll in a new course to become an expert in your field, learn a new language or improve skills that can be useful in multiple environments, such as communication and social skills.
If you do not have time to attend to face-to-face classes, don’t worry! 
Nowadays, there are hundreds of on-line courses that will allow you to perfectly combine your work with your studies.

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