The rise of cooking TV shows and YouTube channels for “foodies” has awakened a new interest on people’s minds for the culinary art.
With Christmas around the corner, the passion for cooking increases even more.
That is why we have chosen our popular Bamboo Chopping Board as the Product of the Month for December.
This promotional item represents two of the main pillars of this season: food and quality time at home.

On top of this, since the bamboo boards are eligible for our Express Delivery service, you can order them today and receive them -with your printed logo- in three working days!
You still haven’t bought your Christmas business gifts, and you were afraid you wouldn’t receive them on time?
That’s no longer an excuse!
Keep reading if you want to discover the great benefits of the Bamboo chopping board!

Why bamboo chopping boards are great promotional products

The interest for healthier food is growing, and people are more concerned than ever about what they eat.
That’s one of the main reasons why cooking at home is becoming such a big trend, even among young people.
Bamboo chopping boards are the perfect kitchen accessory. 
Giving them away as a gift to partners, clients and employees will encourage them to cook at home.
On top of this, your brand will be associated to healthy habits, creating a positive feeling around it.
Besides, bamboo cutting boards are affordable and lasting items, two requirements to always keep in mind when giving promotional products!

The multiple benefits of bamboo chopping boards

Apart from the multiple advantages as a promotional item, bamboo chopping boards also have many benefits as cookware per se, even above other cutting boards made of wood or plastic.

1. Hard, but lightweight

Bamboo is lightweight, but extremely resistant – it’s considered harder than most wood, which makes it an excellent material for a cutting surface.
In fact, it’s 16% harder than maple.
Despite that, bamboo chopping boards don’t damage knives as quickly as hardwood or plastic boards do. 
Since their surface is made of individual strands of grass -instead of a solid unyielding surface-, the knife blades will stay sharper for a longer time.

2. Bacteria resistant

Bamboo boards have a non-porous surface, dense enough to resist knife scarring and water penetration. 
Therefore, they don’t leave pockets for moisture, food particles and bacteria to accumulate and grow.
Besides, since they don’t absorb liquids as easily as traditional hardwood, they are also less auspicious to crack and deform.

3. Eco-friendly

Bamboo grows extremely fast (it’s a grass, not a tree).
Therefore, once the bamboo has been harvested, it can easily regrow without replanting.
In fact, a normal bamboo shoot can become fully mature within three to six years, while maple trees may need 30 years to fully mature and can live up to 150 years.
With the rise of eco-friendly products, bamboo chopping boards are gaining popularity at the expense of traditional woods (and plastic, of course!).
This promotional product is not only useful and lasting, but also contributes to keep the planet a bit more sustainable!

4. Good-looking

Bamboo cutting boards look good.  
Both its natural light colour and elegance, apart from the benefits mentioned before, have earned them a spot in the kitchens of the most famous chefs around the world – even those appearing on TV.
If you want your kitchen to look stylish and chic, this is your perfect accessory.
Furthermore, because of the hard density of the surface that keeps out water, it does not require a high maintenance. 
If you take good care of your board, you’ll be able to keep it for years!

Product specs and highlights

IGO’s bamboo chopping board measures 32 cm x 20 cm x 1,60 cm., and it weighs 612 gr.
Made of quality bamboo, the board has a circular groove for meat, vegetables and fruits juices. 
For all the reasons stated before, this is an excellent choice for an environmentally conscious promotion.


·         Bamboo is a lightweight, but extremely resistant material
·         Its surface, made of individual stands of hard grass, will not damage knife blades as traditional wood
·         Bamboo boards have a non-porous surface, dense enough to resist knife scarring and water penetration – not leaving pockets for bacteria to grow
·         Bamboo is a hard grass, that grows faster than trees and it’s easily renewable
·         Bamboo chopping boards look good and only require a low maintenance
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