The scarf dates back to Ancient Egypt (1350 BC), when the first recorded scarf was used by Queen Nefertiti, who was said to wear a “tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress”. 

Nowadays, more than 3.300 years later, scarfs still are best-selling clothing accessories.

The cold season is now knocking at our doors. Nilton’s fleece scarf may have not been worn by Queen Nefertiti, but it still is the perfect promotional clothing accessory for Autumn and Winter. 

Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

1. Useful and lasting

What is the main purpose of promotional products? 
To promote your brand! 
Therefore, you need your branded items to be useful, so people can keep using them for a long time.

Nilton’s fleece scarf serves this goal perfectly. 
As a winter clothing accessory, you can be sure that, when it’s worn, it will be seen by dozens -or even hundreds- on the street.
On top of this, its soft touch and subtle design will ensure months of use from customers, partners or colleagues – at least during cold times. 

The quality of its fabric and its never-gets-outdated design will also guarantee a special spot in their wardrobes… and hearts. Too much?

2. Customizable and combinable

This scarf is available in 13 different colours, so you have a wide variety to choose from.
This promotional fabric also lends itself perfectly for transfer print or the embroidery of your logo (or text). 

In other words: it offers a whole world of possibilities to customize and make it as on-branded as possible!

Nilton’s scarf is also totally combinable with other promotional items from the same brand, such as the fleece gloves, the fleece hat and the combi-hat.

3. High-quality for the best price

Nilton’s scarf is made from soft anti-pilling fleece of 280 g/m²: it will help you to stay warm, even in the worst conditions. 
The best part?

Its truly affordable price will make you want to buy at least one scarf for each one of your employees, clients and partners!

Order now and benefit from a 25% discount – Product of the Month Promotion. 

Only until 30.11.2018. 
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


  • Nilton’s scarf is made from soft anti-pilling fleece (280 g/ m²)
  • High-quality product for an affordable price
  • Available in 13 colours
  • Combinable with other Nilton’s products like fleece gloves, hat and combi-hat
  • Order before 30.11.2018 and benefit from a 25% discount!