What to Expect for 2021 – Product Category Predictions

Wondering what you can expect in the world of promotional products and gifts for 2021? This post will show you what 3 things we expect to be some of the biggest product categories for 2021.

1. Hygienic products and protective equipment

There’s no getting around it. Covid-19 has left an immense impact on how we view social events, and as an extension what we can do promotionally. Going forward you’ll have to be more mindful about how you promote your company.

We’ve done everything we can to make that easy for companies like yours by offering a wide assortment of what we call safety products / protective equipment. This is products like CE-approved surgical masks, woven multi-layered masks, and mask with replaceable filters.

Hand-sanitizers will of course also play a bigger role, which you’ve probably already seen on trains and in public transportation. The thing is, covid-19 is going to be around for a while, so adapting to ‘the new normal’ is exactly what we have to do.

That means sanitary products like masks, floor signs, sanitizers, etc. will be a stable promotional product for companies going forward – exactly similar to how companies use t-shirts, pens, and travel-mugs with their branding on.

2. Sustainable corporate gifts

Sustainability isn’t exactly a ‘new’ thing in 2021. But, we’re including it anyway since we’ve seen a clear spike in the interest in sustainable promotional products in 2020. The difference for 2021, however, will be less about promotional products used for sales promotions and giveaways, and more about sustainable corporate gifts.

Even though we’re specialists in helping you brand promotional products with your company logo or message, we actually recommend avoiding the print on some of the more expensive corporate gifts. The reason is that you would typically buy fewer of these types of products since they are gifts, compared to, for example, thousands of PopSockets as a giveaway.

So when you gift products away, it’s for a more narrow group of people with whom you have a personal relationship that you’re nurturing. This could be your most senior staff, specific departments of employees, or trusted business partners. So, when you’re giving them a nice corporate gift, it looks better without your logo all over, simply because they want the gift from you – not your company. This sends a better message that people appreciate more.

On top of that, you shouldn’t just consider this because it looks good for your company, but also because it helps the planet face climate change. Besides, the sustainable product selection available in all sorts of price ranges nowadays is a lot better compared to previous years. If you want to hit it out of the sustainable park, then consider buying sustainable corporate gifts from a functional product collection like IMPACT – besides being completely sustainably produced, 2% of the revenue from these products is donated to www.water.org – a nonprofit making safe water accessible to the world. But IMPACT isn’t your only sustainable alternative.

In fact, every corporate gift (or any product for that matter) that you purchase from our site results in a donation of one tree in collaboration with the nonprofit www.onetreeplanted.org.

3. Personalised products and individual home delivery

The main objective of promotional products is to help you develop a stronger relationship between your company’s brand and the recipient – this can both be customers or employees. To reach this goal, you’d do well by choosing useful (functional) products in line with what your business is offering. But you can do even better.

The holy grail of our industry and what we offer at IGO is the ability to individually print products and gifts of your choice, and then provide doorstep-delivery for all your recipients’ addresses. This is going to be huge in the future. If you’re wondering why, then picture this: In our increasingly digital lives, the offline gestures will inevitably mean more; sometimes that’s even the safest or only option – just see how many people are home due to Covid-19.

When it comes down to it, what is going to mean more for the relationship between you and your partners, customer, and employees – an online advertisement or social media post, or a personalised gift that quite literally has their name on it, chosen with caution and delivered directly at their doorstep?

The choice is clear, and we recommend getting a headstart on what we believe to be a huge marketing trend for 2021. When you’re ready to do so, call us on 0800 43 46 98 9, or email us at info@igopromo.co.uk to get started with personalised marketing.


This post has made 3 product category predictions for 2021 to help you get a headstart on the new year full of possibilities. Here they are again:

  • Protective equipment as a part of our lives
  • Sustainable corporate gifts
  • Individually printed corporate gifts with doorstep delivery

Consider this as 3 tips you can use to plan out your promotional campaigns for the new year – we’ll gladly help you out with our free consultations.

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