ConcertLanyards make ideal business gifts or promotional items for all kinds of events. Lanyards have many benefits. They are inexpensive, you can print them perfectly with your brand name and they get used every day at festivals and events.

Printed lanyards for festivals

Lanyards are very popular in summertime, and they are the kind of promotional gifts that people will be only too grateful to receive at festivals. As a sponsor, if you can hand out lanyards to all visitors, you can be sure that everyone will have seen your brand at least once.

Don’t just give lanyards away. Make sure the tickets are attached to the lanyard before handing them out. That way, you can be sure that the lanyard will also be used effectively and there is a greater  chance that people will keep your lanyard as a souvenir, thereby coming into contact with your brand repeatedly.

Printed lanyards for events

Lanyards make the ideal business gifts for all kinds of events. The tickets will often be attached to the lanyard. Another thing that often happens is that the carrier’s company name gets printed on a card and given to visitors together with the lanyard. In that case the LanyardBadge with handy name card holder is a good choice. Would you really like to stand out? If so, why not got for the USB lanyard? That way, you will actually be giving two business gifts to your visitor or client. For example, you can place the presentations given at a meeting on the USB stick.

Visitors can then use the lanyards on a daily basis to attach their keys to, while the USB can be used at home and in the office, which will only increase the opportunities for coming into contact with your brand! Discover our large collection of lanyards which can be printed entirely in accordance with your wishes.