It is now impossible to imagine a world without post-its, whether at work or at home in the kitchen or living room. When it comes to writing a brief note, leaving someone a nice message or recording an appointmentsticky notes make it all so much easier. Furthermore, these small, yellow stick pieces of paper also catch they eye, which means that people are unlikely to forget their appointments or important business. Incidentally, have you ever thought about printing Post-its with your company logo? This is an ideal way to put your brand in the spotlight.

The story behind post-its

Post-its were created following a number of coincedences that make this item unique. The researcher, Dr. Spence Silver, (from the company, 3M) created the glue used for post-its in 1968: it involves a mass of small, sticky spheres that stick well but which are easy to remove, as the underside onlys make contact with a small upper surface area.

However, his invention had little success until one of his colleagues at 3M, Art Fry, had a revolutionary inspiration. Fry was frustrated about the bookmarks that kept falling out of his choir book and wondered if Silver’s adhesive agent might be ideal for use as a ‘reliable’ bookmark.

In 1980 3M launched the product and then in 1981 3M proclaimed Post-it® Notes an Outstanding New product.

Initially, Post-its only came in a single format but nowadays there are available in all kinds of colors and formats.

Post-its: supplier for your brand

Post-its always make a nice, practical gift. At IGO-POST you can have the sticky notes printed with your logo to catch the eye of your existing and potential clients: a subtle, yet strategic approach. Try something original by giving custom made Post-its! We also have a number of Post-it standard formats from which to choose straight away.

All of this means that every time someone writes down a small message, they will also come into contact with your brand! Incidentally, this works for both B2B clients and B2C partners, and Post-its are considered a neutral business gift, meaning that you will come across as a businesslike, yet considerate business partner.