2016 is a year full of new possibilities, opportunities and challenges. Naturally, you want to generate brand awareness and be seen by existing and potential customers. You can do this in various ways. That said, distributing printed corporate gifts, promotional items, gadgets, giveaways and advertising material with your logo or message is relatively inexpensive and extremely effective. Research shows that tangible advertisement is a powerful marketing tool for putting yourself on the map. For example, 85% of customers who receive a corporate gift place a repeat order, 89% of customers still remember who gave them the gift after two years, and mailings with a gift generate 50% more response.

Continuously creating contact moments with printed corporate gifts
Have you used corporate gifts and promotional items in 2015? Then it is very likely that the receiver will regularly use your promotional item or corporate gift this year as well. Most likely, meetings for this year will be scheduled in the diary with your logo. That printed pen that you gave away at a fair is used on a daily basis. Those nice holiday photos are stored on the USB stick with your company name. Your presence in those positive moments is an indispensable business card in your business contacts’ professional as well as personal life.

Corporate gift are an effective communication tool

Do you have any fairs, promotional campaigns, mailings or open days planned for this year? Do you want to thank customers for their orders or express your appreciation towards your personnel? Do you want to catch people’s attention in a sympathetic way? Printed corporate gifts guarantee success. Corporate gifts bring you in direct contact with your customers, business contacts and potential customers. They are excellent tools for staying in touch and enhancing your relationship with customers. When giving someone a present you are also sending a message; you have made an effort for your business contact and you show your appreciation. Consequently, customers always appreciate a gift and reward you with a smile, which makes giving so much fun.

At IGO-POST, you will find the perfect gift for every occasion and target group. IGO-POST is happy to keep you updated on all the developments regarding corporate gifts and will be pleased to continue being involved in your promotional activities in 2016.