Do you know these life hacks for the office?

We spend a lot of time at our workplace, at home, or in the office. Many tips are given for effective working in the office. For example, by taking a walk in the fresh air every break, or by giving your eyes enough rest so that you don’t look too much at your screen. Perhaps by starting the day early, when we are most productive. At IGO we follow these tips as much as possible. And we have even more that we would like to share with you. We have previously explained how you can make your office more sustainable step by step. In this article, we give you the best office hacks to make life at your (home) office even easier.

Messy bed, messy head

Starting the day well is half the work. A tidy workplace ensures more productivity in your work. To create peace of mind at your workplace, we advise you to use a desk organiser. This offers space for your keys, pen, and earplugs, among other things. This eye-catcher even comes with a wireless charger for your mobile phone! Would you rather have as few products as possible in your field of vision? Then only choose a wireless charger for your phone. This way, the charging cable won’t swing across your desk all day.

A good office environment is important for your work. This applies not only to your desk but also to the documents on your laptop. Make sure that these are clearly organised so you can quickly find them. Did you know that there is such a thing as digital hoarding? This is when digital files, even those that are no longer needed, are stored in an obscure place on your computer. Digitize efficiently! This way your work is done faster.

Tip: do you find it difficult to create an overview? Make sure you categorise everything so that it has a permanent place. Use Marie Kondo’s tips to help you along the way.

A multifunctional gadget

We are a big fan of products with multifunctional purposes. Especially when these products make it easy to set up your workplace or home office. How about a wireless charging mouse pad? This durable mouse pad is made of the environmentally friendly material, cork. This allows you to effortlessly navigate your mouse and also charge your smartphone. You can also opt for a UV-C Sterilization Box with a wireless 5W charger. This box eliminates 99.9% of bacteria within 5 minutes. You can use it to clean your phone, jewelry, keys, face masks, and sunglasses. And did you know that these multifunctional gadgets can also increase the visibility of your brand and strengthen your (internal) branding? You can have them printed with your logo! We would be happy to discuss with you which products suit your company best. Products that make your life easier are, in our opinion, life hacks that you should not miss!

And did you know that these multifunctional gadgets can also increase the visibility of your brand and strengthen your (internal) branding? You can have them printed with your logo!

Do more in less time

Imagine; do more in less time every working day! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way every day. But there are plenty of hacks to save at least a little time every week. We spend a large part of our time in meetings. Everyone probably knows the saying “This meeting could have been an email.” We advise you to only plan a meeting if it is really necessary. This sounds obvious but make sure you’re not having a meeting just for the sake of having one. Set an agenda in advance with clear points for attention. Have a person take charge and keep an eye on the time. Did you know that a meeting where everyone is standing is shorter on average? It is even claimed that a standing meeting ends 34% faster.

Tip: do you have colleagues who often have meetings in the open office space? Use noise-canceling headphones so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Guard your privacy with a webcam cover

It may just happen that you accidentally open a file that downloads software on your computer. From that moment on, hackers can watch through your laptop’s camera. Imagine if this happened to you or one of your employees? A hacker can easily see reliable company information. With a webcam cover, you ensure that hackers cannot view the camera of a laptop of yours or one of your employees. When the camera is needed, for example for a zoom meeting, you can slide the webcam cover open only during the meeting. Like this, you’re protected. When you hand out a webcam cover as a giveaway at an event or give it away as a promotional gift, you can be sure it will be used a lot. Moreover, from that moment on, your logo and company name can always be admired at eye level!

With a webcam cover, you ensure that hackers cannot see through the camera on your laptop!

How to really use post-its

What would we be without post-its? They are used during a productive meeting, creative brainstorming, or when an idea arises spontaneously. The little block of yellow sticky notes is indispensable in every office. But did you know that we’ve “technically” always misused these post-its?

You have probably experienced that the sticky notes curl up or even fall off the board when you attach them to it. This has everything to do with pulling the sticky note incorrectly from the block. Do you always pull them off the block from the bottom right to the top left? As a result, you pull the adhesive edge off in one go and it no longer sticks properly. You have to subtract them from the block from top left to top right. This way the post-it will not curl up and will stick better to the board.

Tip: think about the possibilities that you can do even more with post-its. Challenge your colleagues to a post-it art competition. Keep students focused by having them write answers on a sticky note in between. Or use them as a name tag for company events.

As you can see, there are many useful life hacks that you may not have thought of initially. Share them with your employees so they can also benefit from this! Curious how IGO Promo can help you even more to improve the (home) office of your employees?

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