Useful office gadgets and office hacks

We spend a significant amount of time working either at home or in the office, so why not make the experience as good as possible? Fortunately, there are many fun and useful office gadgets and various “tricks” that make life in your (home) office even easier: the so-called office ‘hacks’. Read the tips in this article where we have listed a number of great products that can make your work week even better.

A tidy desk, a tidy mind

A neat desk and a clean work environment can make you focus better and be more productive. This can be achieved by using a desk organizer to bring order to your workplace. Today, various organizers are available with space for keys, pens, headphones, wireless phone charging and more.

Office gadgets for a tidy desk:

Always enough energy

Today, we use more and more electronic equipment in the office, such as laptops, tablets, phones and smart watches. Many devices are even needed. Therefore, it is important to be able to charge them anytime and anywhere. Did you know that charging via the wall outlet is much faster than via the USB port on your laptop? Nevertheless, we understand the convenience of having a USB charger on the go, ensuring your devices stay fully charged throughout the day.

Office gadgets to charge your equipment:

Move more

Exercise is not only good for your productivity, but also for your health. And as an employer, there are smart tips you can use to motivate your employees to exercise more. For example, organize a sports challenge and give your employees a specific goal to work towards. Consider achieving a number of steps, number of kilometers cycled or number of hours walked. Give your employees one of the following products for better motivation:

Give your employee one of the following products for better motivation:

A smart lunch

We have previously written an article about encouraging a healthy lunch in the office. To stay healthy and fit, it is not only important to exercise a lot, but also to eat healthy. See the different products below and make sure employees can bring their healthy lunch to work.

Office supplies for a smart lunch:

Work undisturbed

If you work in an open office environment or work from home (regularly), it can sometimes be challenging to work undisturbed. There are many product options to ensure you have peace of mind when working in noisy environments.

Office gadgets for undisturbed work:

Take notes effectively

Even though we live in a digital world, it’s still useful to use pen and paper every now and then. For example, for taking notes during a productive meeting, a creative brainstorm or when an idea arises spontaneously. This can be done in a notebook or on the familiar post-it notes. Here’s an office trick for using post-it notes: drag the note from the top left part (from the sticky edge) to the top right part of the pad. That way they don’t shrink and stick better.

More fun office gadgets for note taking:

There are many smart tips to make office life much more pleasant. If you want to learn more, you can read the article with smart tips for office supplies. We are happy to help you decide which office supplies are best for your business. In our opinion, products that make your life easier are life hacks that you should not miss!

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