Smart tips to motivate your employees

In today’s competitive business landscape, keeping employees motivated and engaged is more crucial than ever. Happy and motivated employees are not only more productive but also contribute positively to a company’s culture and overall success. One effective way to boost employee motivation is through the strategic use of promotional products. In this blog, we’ll explore the power of promotional products in motivating employees and offer some creative ideas for using them to inspire your workforce.

Make sure you have a comfortable workplace

A comfortable and well-equipped workspace can greatly affect an employee’s motivation. When employees feel comfortable and well-equipped to do their jobs, they are more likely to stay motivated and focused. For example, in order for your employees to be flexible, you can provide them with noise-cancelling headphones, branded mouse pads, laptop stands or a wireless mouse. Moreover, providing your employees with nice notebooks, pens, and post-it with your logo is always a nice gesture and makes them feel equipped.

Keep up the communication

Whether your colleagues work from the office, at home or remotely, it is always important to keep a good communication. Stay in touch not only by e-mail, but also by organizing physical meetings and video calls when the teams are not gathered in the same room. In addition, it can be good to even check in with the team and discus tasks for the day. This provides more structure and connection between employees.

Organize fun activities

A little relaxation is also important, especially during busy periods. A fun way to do it is to organize different activities for the employees to get to know each other and talk about other things than work. It could be activated such as a bake off, karaoke nights, enjoying a beer after work, or have a BBQ. Activities not only increase employee satisfaction, but also team building. Feel free to visit our website and discover all our games and gadgets.

Celebrate milestones

Whether it’s an employee’s work anniversary, a birthday, or the completion of a major project, celebrating milestones is a powerful motivator. Personalized gifts like engraved pens, custom calendars, or even branded chocolates can be given to mark these occasions. Recognizing and celebrating these moments not only boosts motivation but also strengthens the bond between employees and the company. For inspiration, atIGO Promo we have listed the top 5 thank you gifts that you can print with your own logo or other message.

Encourage healthy habits

Promotional products can also be used to promote a healthy lifestyle among your employees. Consider providing them with items like branded water bottles, fitness trackers, or yoga mats. These products not only show that you care about their well-being but also inspire them to maintain a healthy work-life balance, leading to increased motivation and productivity.

Promote learning and development

Investing in your employees’ growth and development can have a significant impact on their motivation. Provide training sessions or workshops and complement them with promotional products like custom notebooks, branded flash drives, or educational books related to their field. This combination of knowledge and tangible tools can inspire employees to continually improve their skills.

Show appreciation during Christmas

Christmas is a traditional way to thank your staff for their efforts over the past year and to motivate them for the new year coming. Organize a fun office party and give your employees a goodie bag with nice things to have during Christmas time. Include products as games, portable coffee mug, chocolate, or a branded blanket for the cold days. Get inspired by this year’s Christmas Trends. Enough choice to put together an original Christmas present!

Motivate sustainably

Show your dedication and work on becoming more sustainable. People are not only getting more conscious of being more environmentally friendly in purchasing behaviours but to contribute to a more positive effect on the planet by working with sustainability. Knowing your office and work is contributing to a better future, employees get motivated to keep working hard. Make sure this message is shown though having notebooks and pens at the office made by sustainable materials to show physical evidence of measures taken.  

With the help of the above tips, you can not only ensure greater employee satisfaction, but above all, you can also motivate staff to fully commit to your company. Use it to your advantage!

Remember that the key to a successful motivational strategy is personalization. Tailor your approach to the unique preferences and needs of your team members, and watch as your workforce becomes more engaged, motivated, and dedicated to your company’s mission.

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