lanyardThere are numerous benefits to giving your clients and associates business gifts. Not only will people better recognize your brand as a result, but you will also reach more people and create a positive brand association. Therefore, any good marketing strategy requires business gifts. IGO-POST has a very extensive selection of business gifts, which means you are bound to find what you are looking for. For example, we also have a number of lanyards in our collection, so your business partners will never lose their keys again!

Lanyards are practical and safe

Have your business partners ever complained about losing their keys? Will one of your clients be attending a big event in the near future at which pickpockets may also be on the prowl? If so, then lanyards are the perfect solution! Your business partners can use a lanyard to keep their keys and other small personal items safe and close by at all times.

Furthermore, our lanyards come with a synthetic click system that allows you to disconnect the lower section. This will ensure that your business partners can use their keys easily, without having to remove the entire lanyard.

Get your lanyards printed

Lanyards are worn around the neck, which means they are visible at all times! You can get your lanyards printed with your company name and logo. Your business partners will thank you because they will never lose their keys again and your company will automatically have greater visibility! An ideal combination, in other words.

Order your lanyards from IGO-POST today

IGO-POST is renowned for its excellent quality and service, and its fast deliveries. So you can rely on IGO-POST to surprise your business partners with handy printed lanyards!

Plus, at IGO-POST it is quick and easy to place your order online. Simply go to the ‘Giveaway & premium items’ category, select the lanyards you require and click on order. Then you can also choose your printing options and the color you want.

Order your lanyards today and your business partners will never lose their keys again!