How many people do you know that use wireless chargers? 
Probably not many. 
The wireless charging technology is taking over, but it is still far from being mainstream.

The number of smartphones compatible with this technology increases over year, and nowadays there are more than 70 popular devices with the built-in Qi tech that allows wireless charging.

However, even most of the users with compatible phones still use traditional chargers with wires. 
And this is the main reason why a wireless charger can become a great promotional product – and the best ambassador for your brand.
Keep reading and find out why!

A promotional product that ticks all boxes

The value of a promotional product relies on how useful and unique it is for the receiver. 
The more useful it is, the higher the possibility that the receiver will keep it (and use it).

We charge our smartphones every day. 
It’s a miracle if we make it until the night without charging them! 
Therefore, we can all agree that phone chargers are indispensable items in our daily life. 
It’s almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t own at least one. 
With wires.

Wireless phone chargers are still quite uncommon. 
That is exactly what makes them unique -and good- promotional products. 
In a few years (or months?) most smartphones will support wireless charging. 
All companies will give them as branded giveaways.

Would you like to make an impression on customers, partners, suppliers and employees? 
Beat your competitors to it and promote your brand with printed wireless chargers. Today.
The Wireless Charger is available in black and white and, because of its rounded flat surface (9 cm.), your company logo will really stand out when printed!

Charging at the speed of light

How does the Wireless Charger work?
As easy as it sounds.
You just need to connect the charging pad to a charging port with a regular USB cable (included in the box). 
To charge your phone, leave it on top of the pad. 
The red light in the base will indicate that your device is charging correctly.
Easy, right?
On top of this, Wireless Charger supports 10W, which means that it can charge your device twice as fast as most wireless chargers in the market (that only support 5W). 
However, to do so you’ll need an adapter compatible with fast charging (not included).

You can still charge your devices at a regular speed by connecting the pad to any USB entry or using your usual phone’s wall charger, but it won’t reach the maximum charging speed.

The pad also comes with multiple air holes in the bottom to keep the charger cooled, plus four rubber strips to ensure stability and avoid slips. 
You won’t need to worry about your smartphone overheating or falling to the ground because of a clumsy movement!

Plus: nobody likes wires

Recent studies have shown that we check our phones an average of 85 times per day. 
Let’s be honest: checking our phone while it’s connected to a wire is quite annoying.
The ease of charging our device by just placing it on a pad is priceless.
By giving away the Wireless Charger as a promotional product to your customers, partners, suppliers and employees you won’t only provide them of a useful gadget, but will also show them what an innovative and modern company you are!

Product highlights:

–          ABS Wireless Charging Pad compatible with more than 70 smartphones – including the latest iPhones and most popular Android models (with wireless charging technology)
–          Supports fast charging, which allows you to charge your device twice as fast as most chargers
–          Comes with rubber anti-slips strips and air holes in the bottom
–          Modern and innovative promotional product that will make a great impression on customers, partners, suppliers and employees
–          Flat rounded surface (9 cm.) that will make your logo stand out when printed!