How To Motivate Your Team | 5 Ways From IGO Promo

How to motivate your team you ask? Trust us, we know that getting back on track after holidays can be a delicate issue. Some employees might feel overwhelmed, others might suffer post-holidays blues. Some might even reevaluate their position and start looking out for new opportunities.

As team leader, you need to keep your employees happy and motivated. Here’s a list of 5 ways to motivate your team after their holiday break.

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

After a few weeks out of the office, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with all the work waiting at your desk. Some things might remain the same, but some others might have changed. It is important to tackle these issues before they turn into a problem.
Schedule meetings with your employees. Ask them about their holidays. Tell them what has happened during their absence. And, especially, make sure they don’t get stressed out because of their return to the office.

2. Create a good office environment

A happy office usually means a happy team. Get some neat promotional products to decorate your workplace and improve your employees’ quality of life: a water bottle to keep them hydrated, a nice mug to drink their morning coffee or a cool pen to take notes and don’t forget anything!
A nice -and branded- environment will make their return to the office a more enjoyable experience!

3. Organize activities for your team

Work is important. But team-building activities are essential to strengthen the relationship with your employees and keep them motivated.
Gather your team and go for a drink -or two- after working hours.
Do you like practicing sports? Create a sports team and join a friendly tournament with your colleagues. You can also order customized t-shirts with your company logo to get a more professional vibe.
Do you prefer some more original activities? Go and solve mysteries in an Escape Room or release tension in a laser tag or paintball game. But be suspicious if all your employees gather forces to go after you…

4. Recognize a job well-done

Do you want to keep your team motivated? Give them credit for a job well-done!
As team leader, you have to be aware of your employees’ work and be ready to let them know when they did good.
With just a few words like “congratulations” or “great job!”, you can make your team feel proud of their achievements and motivated to keep up with their work. Quite easy, right?

5. Reward your team with corporate gifts

Getting a verbal recognition is good. But what if it comes with a gift? Even better!
Corporate gifts are a very effective way of keeping your team motivated. You give your employees a cool promotional item that they will appreciate and, on top of this, they do free advertisement of your brand.
Here’s an example: Eric is a passionate runner. He has finished his two-week break and has to get back to sitting at his desk eight hours a day. However, when he returns to the office, the first thing he sees on his desk is a box with a couple of wireless earphones and a sports armband. There is also a note: “Welcome back Eric, we have missed you!”.
With that simple, affordable, but nice gesture, Eric will likely become one of the strongest candidates to be ‘Employee of the Month’.