Great goodie bags, but what do you fill it with?

When visiting a trade fair or business event, you often receive a goodie bag with promotional material. A goodie bag is not only fun for companies to give away, but also a very good way to strengthen your brand. Increase your brand awareness, emphasize a campaign, promote a new product or service and give sponsors the opportunity to sponsor themselves during your event. We already told you more about this in the article ‘Goodiebags as optimal promotional tool‘. But what do you put in a goodie bag? How can you best promote your company with goodies? We will tell you more about that in this article!

The target group

From stress balls to bubble blowers, your goodie bag can contain all kinds of fun and typical items that you provide with your logo. To determine what should be in your goodie bag, you should think who the target group for the bag in the end is. Consider what items would resonate with the receivers and align the contents with the theme and purpose of the event. If it is a tech conference, it would be a good idea with some fun gadgets, or if it is a wellness retreat you can promote items for relaxation. Determine a realistic budget for the goodie bags while ensuring the quality of the items. This is a good starting point to find the right “ingredients” for a successful goodie bag.

A powerful, eye-catching message

Make sure that the products in the goodie bag have a certain relationship with your company and deliver the correct message. For example, is your company growing rapidly? Then a ruler can be a fun, metaphorical goodie. Incorporate your company’s branding into the items, have the products and goodie bags printed with your logo, your website, or a message you want to convey. This reinforces brand recognition and association.

Practical items

It is important that the items in the goodie bag do not immediately end up in the rubbish bin. Therefore, think carefully about what really benefits the recipient and choose items that the attendees will find useful and relevant. For example, printed pens do not seem very original, but they often come in handy. Choose an extra luxurious pen or a touch pen: the possibilities are endless. The advantage of printed office supplies is that they can regularly be seen on the desk during daily work. And this way your logo can be seen extra often.

10 popular goodies with logo

To inspire you for the contents of your goodie bag, we have listed our best-selling items. You can include a variety of products, diversity can make the goodie bag more appealing:

1. Lanyard Safety RPET

One of our most popular goodie bag items is a strong woven polyester lanyard with a metal carabiner and safety clasp. We print them with sublimation in full color.

2. Anti stress football

During a day of work at the office, it is wonderful to squeeze a stress ball. And if your logo is on this stress ball in the shape of a football, your company will stand out in an extra nice way.

3. SnapWrap fluorescent bracelet

Who doesn’t know them from the past, the folding bracelets? Have this reflective snap bracelet made of plastic printed with your logo and your company will be in the spotlight in a cool way. A compact item for a goodie bag.

4. Shower timer

When you shower shorter, it contributes to saving energy. Have a ShowerTimer printed with your logo and you send out a sustainable signal. A handy gadget for the bathroom.

5. Metal button

Buttons are still very popular as a promotional item. A handy giveaway in a goodie bag. Have this metal button printed with your logo and create more brand awareness in a subtle way.

6. Blow bubbles around

Bubble blowing is fun for young and old! Print this round bubble bottle with your logo. We deliver the bottle including filling and cord with safety break.

7. High five handclap

Let this handclapper flutter and attract attention! A funny item for a goodie bag. Available in different colors and printed on the front with your logo.

8. Inflatable cheer sticks

They are still small in the goodie bag, but as soon as you inflate these cheering sticks, they stand out nicely! Nice to hand out to the public during events. Have your logo or message printed on one or both cheering sticks and stand out!

9. Storage pouch for glasses/sunglasses

It is always nice to have a storage bag for your glasses or sunglasses, so that they do not get damaged in your bag. An ideal item for a goodie bag since this pouch takes up little space and offers plenty of room for your logo.

10. PU foam orb Arianna

Another fun stress ball in the shape of a light bulb. An original shape that really stands out. Have the lamp printed with your logo or message in the colors black, gold or silver.


This way you will at least have plenty of inspiration for your goodie bag content. And do you need help choosing the right goodies with a logo for your target group? Then the IGO Promo team is ready to help you. Fill it up!

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