It’s already December, and Christmas is just around the corner. 
Don’t miss out your last chance to buy your business gifts – and show your employees, clients and partners how much you appreciate them! 

With the end of year a few days away, you cannot lose the opportunity to leave a good impression! 
You may think you have run out time (“I will never get my Christmas gifts on time…”), but that’s not true! 

You can order your business gifts at IGO and receive them within three business days.
If you hurry up, you can still get them before Christmas.
Lack of time will no longer be a valid excuse! 

Your Christmas business gifts in three days? Now it’s possible! 

The selection of business gifts eligible for our express delivery service could not be more appropriate for the Christmas season. 
Are your employees, customers and suppliers ‘cooking-lovers’?
Then you can’t go wrong with a personalised bamboo chopping board! 
Even better, you can now buy it with a 25% discount.
Hurry up, the promotion is only available until the end of the month! 

Fun fact: did you know that bamboo is a hard grass (up to 16% harder than maple!), and therefore grows faster than trees?
Great choice for an eco-friendly gift! 
Check out more fun facts about the bamboo chopping board in our product review. 

There is nothing like a great wine to accompany a good homemade meal – and nothing like an elegant stainless-steel wine cooler to keep the wine at the perfect temperature:
It is the perfect business gift for wine lovers – and it also comes with 15% discount only until December 31st! 

Do you prefer more traditional items? 
Then you will also be pleased with the classic gifts from our assortment such as writing sets, travel mugs and power banks. 

Buy from as little as two business gifts 

Did you already buy your Christmas gifts? All of them? 
Make sure you haven’t forgotten about that new employee that has joined the company recently (the shy one that is sitting in the corner and barely speaks).
Or that supplier you bought from a couple of times at the beginning of the year (yes, that one!).
Verify as well that you have a gift for all your VIP customers (all of them!). 

It’s easy to forget about someone. 
We have so many things in our heads that it just happens. 
Luckily, this won’t be a problem anymore either! 

At IGO you can also buy your business gifts from as little as two units – and receive them in three business days, of course. 
Check your list again and make sure you didn’t forget any employee, supplier, partner or customer. 
And if you did, order their Christmas gifts now and we won’t tell anybody!