Event trends in 2023 that you should respond to

Last year, most events were able to take place ‘offline’ again. It is very nice that we can meet again in person. Has anything changed compared to the offline events before the corona crisis? The answer is yes. When it comes to events, we see some interesting developments. What are the current trends and developments in the events industry that we can learn from? How can you continue to connect your target group to your brand or product? In this article, we look at the most important event trends for 2023 that you should respond to.

Personalized events

Personalizing business events is not entirely new as an event trend. We all know the name badges you receive at a conference. But personalization can go further than that. Think of sending personalized invitations and tailoring the program to the visitors. Of course you need information from the visitors for this. Consider, for example, sending a survey, where you clearly indicate what you will use the results for. Personalizing your event will make them feel really welcome.

Tip: IGO Promo offers various products that can be personalized with names. Nice to surprise your guests before, during or after the event. If this is possible, it is indicated with the product.

Hybrid events: combining offline & online

Even though events are allowed to take place offline again, many organizers have discovered the benefits of online events. Certain participants may not be able to attend the physical event due to health, safety, or due to the excessive travel distance or limited capacity of the venue. Hybrid events give them, in addition to the physical location, the opportunity to connect online. That way everyone can be present! In addition, you can also have an online event preceding the offline event to convince people to come to the event. Think of announcing the line-up in terms of artists or speakers.

Tip: are you going to organize an event? Surprise the participants of your event before or after with printed promotional items. This way you combine the event with something tangible and you immediately provide a piece of branding!

Build a community

Nowadays it’s really not just about organizing an event anymore, but building a community is also one of the event trends. It is good to see how you can facilitate this as an organization and ensure that they become part of your community. This can take different forms. Consider, for example, an app in which visitors can see who else is present at the event. The ideal way to network. But it can also be a Facebook or Linkedin group for which regular visitors can register and where you as an organization are the first to share the news about the event. This makes them feel exclusively connected.

Tip: make sure you have merchandise with the logo of your event! This exclusive merchandise ensures that enthusiastic visitors advertise your event. Think of printed caps with a logo.

The emergence of smaller events

By opting for several, smaller events per year instead of one large annual event, you ensure visibility at multiple times. Consider, for example, a roadshow concept with a small event in different places. But you can also do this with a business event. A roadshow in which you present your product at various locations in the United Kingdom. This ensures that you can reach a larger part of the United Kingdom. In addition, the specialty beer festivals and food festivals are back. Local, small-scale events for real gourmets.

Tip: See how you can brand your smaller event with the right promotional items. Provide the employees with printed caps and shirts. And also take a look at the zero waste cups to make your event plastic-free so that you also take the environment into consideration.

Experience marketing is getting even more focus

This year there is also a stronger focus on experience marketing, i.e. creating an experience and the ‘wow effect’ around a product or brand. The experience ensures that the audience really builds a connection with a brand. This can be done by adding extra surprising elements to the event that provide an extra experience or by means of small, local brand activations. Think of the emergence of food trucks, festivals via live stream and local concerts with a smaller audience.

Tip: Try to think of other ways your audience can interact with your brand. An example is a promotion during a radio broadcast or podcast where you give away merchandise with a nice print. This way you can introduce people to your brand and create a lasting memory.

Giveaways remain popular

Giveaways have become extra popular at events since last year. Perhaps precisely because companies have been less in the spotlight due to the corona crisis. With giveaways, for example, think of goodie bags that can be part of a successful marketing strategy. Also read our tips for goodie bags as an optimal promotional tool. Giveaways related to sports and health are a real trend in the events industry. Think, for example, of a lunch pot with a print for a healthy lunch or a water bottle with a logo for extra hydration.

These were a number of important event trends and developments that you can respond to as a company. See how you can use the various options to really leave an impression with your target group.

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