Compulsory face masks: make face masks work for your business

Using face masks is a responsibility we all have to stick to. This means your company also has to deal with this rule, and handling it correctly is essential. In this article you can read how you can make face masks work effectively and positively for your employees and customers.

Face masks printed with your logo: the benefits

As a company, you can give a positive twist to the compulsory face mask in several ways. For example, you can personalise the face masks or have the packaging of the face masks printed with your logo. That way the face masks don’t just protect against coronavirus, they also promote awareness of your brand. The face masks with logo are often in full view and for a longer time, which really puts your logo in the picture. People who wear the personalised face masks also show a bit of loyalty towards the brand. And what’s more, as a business you can look further than the logo and add creativity to the printing so you can give away unique face masks that people will love wearing.

When your employees wear face masks met logo, you build brand awareness as well as a representative and consistent look. It also gives your employees a sense of pride in the company they work for. But face masks with imprint can also have a positive effect on your customers. Give that extra level of service by handing out personalised fabric face masks, or by placing a box of disposable masks at the entrance or selling them for an affordable price.

This is how it can work for you…

You can get face masks to work for your business in many ways. Just think of a supermarket that hands out free masks to all customers on a specific day. Or a shop that initiates a ‘buy one, donate one’ campaign to help people who are less well off than you. Earlier, we wrote an article on how to motivate your employees during COVID-19. A face mask with logo would be a nice addition to the coronavirus gift package with fun surprises and helpful aids to get through this challenging time. Or add them as a brand item to your fan shop. Plenty of opportunities!

Types of face masks

Face masks come in all different types and sizes. Besides disposable and fabric face masks, there are face masks made of other materials such as cotton, rubber, microfibre, and even plastic face masks. If sustainability is important to your business, it’s best to choose reusable printed face masks. And besides face masks with imprint, you can also consider sleeve covers to keep the face masks clean or disinfectant hand gel. At IGO Promo you’ll find complete protection sets that you can have printed with a logo or a personalised imprint. 

Face masks have become part of our everyday life and will remain so for at least three months because of the compulsory face mask rule. The question still remains when it will all end but one thing is for sure: as a company you should really use this to your advantage right now. See how your company can deal with this effectively and make the face masks work for your business!

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