How do you picture a great winter evening at home? 
Watching a movie, curled up on the sofa with a fleece blanket?
Preparing a delicious meal sipping a glass of wine, maybe?
If that’s the case, we do too!

And probably many of your clients, employees, partners and suppliers do as well.
Besides, with the drop in temperature, it’s likely that they will spend more time at home -and you know what that means: 
new great opportunities to promote your brand!
The following list includes some ideas to make life at home comfier with promotional products and business gifts. 
Take a peek and get inspired!

Curling-up sets

Okay, the curling-up set doesn’t exist per se, but it might as well do.
Just imagine a bundle of a fleece blanket and a soft pillow. 
Or even better: a 2-in-1 pillow blanket!
A truly convenient product for those long and cold Winter evenings:
give it away as a gift and you will guarantee hours of ‘pleasant use’.
In the end, what is the purpose of a promotional product if it doesn’t satisfy the needs of the receiver?

Bath sets

There’s nothing like a nice foamy and relaxing bath after a stressful day of work.
You probably know a lot of people who would really enjoy it. 
Give it to employees as a thank you gift or to VIP customers as a token of appreciation. 
Besides, you would not be giving them just a bath set, you would also be sending them a message: 
“you deserve this relaxing time!”. 
There, we have even told you what to write in the gift card.

Cooking sets

Cooking has become a hobby for many people. 
Especially during the cold season, when you don’t want to leave home, spending some quality time preparing dinner is always a good idea.
Therefore, gifts to make the kitchen a comfier place are as good as any.
On top of this, you can find a great variety of items to win the heart of your most ‘foodie’ colleagues and clients:
from knifes sets and chopping boards to aprons and spices racks.

Creating ambience

There are plenty of ways of creating a pleasant ambience in your home. 
With the integration of home automation into our daily life, it’s easier to achieve the desired atmosphere with just one click.
The choices of promotional products have increased enormously in the past years as well, from smart lamps with speakers to solar powered coloured LED lights. 
And we can’t forget the classic colour changing lamps! 
– all modern and useful items that will help promote your brand even in the intimacy of home life!
Are you a more romantic person? 
Get some personalised scented candles instead!

Lose yourself in the music

Choosing business and company gifts is not always an easy task*. 
You need to consider a lot of things to make it appropriate and personal. 
However, there is one product that is always a hit: speakers!
And since we are talking about being comfy at home… 
is there a better way of relaxing at home than listening to your favourite tunes?
On top of this, speakers are portable items, so their use won’t be limited within four walls!