Christmas traditions at work all over Europe are truly amazing, you’re going to like this one!

We love Christmas: Families reunite, big dinners, and (mostly) great presents.
But seen from a pure business point of view, this  time of year provides a great opportunity to strengthen relations between colleagues and employees.
Every country in Europe has  their own traditions.  Here is our selection of the best work-related Christmas traditions across the old continent.

Business dinners

Christmas is about a lot of stuff, but food is definitely one of them.
Christmas lunches are a mandatory tradition in almost all of Europe.
Dress fancy, go to a nice restaurant, and have some fun with your coworkers. 

This is also a great opportunity to meet people from other departments, people you don’t see on a daily basis. 
Pro tip: These types of dinners are usually accompanied by a drinks (and a lot of them), så be careful, and especially if your boss is present!


In countries like Great Britain, the Netherlands, and france it’s common that companies give  their employees gift baskets for Christmas – also known as Christmas baskets. 
The baskets, which is a token of appreciation for all the hard work done during the year, can contain different types of goods: Everything from food and beverages to promotional products. You need to get creative, because people love criticizing gift baskets. 

Business gifts

Christmas is also the perfect time to let your suppliers, business partners, and customers, know how much you appreciate them. Business gifts is the most effective way to do this. 
However, you still need to be sure that you’re giving them good and practical gifts, otherwise the effects may be detrimental to your reputation. If you need inspiration, check out our product of the month.

Secret Santa

Another way to strengthen your relationships with your coworkers is by playing Secret Santa.
The tradition is particular well known in Great Britain, Scandinavia and Southern Europe, where it also goes under the name – Invisible Friend.

Through a secret draw, every participant is given the name of another colleague, and then they have to get that person a present.

But there is a catch!

They only know who they are giving the gift too, but not who they are receiving it from.
That’s why it’s important to tell your coworkers about your interests and hobbies, again and again, så they buy something you will appreciate!

Christmas markets

Last but not least, another great Christmas tradition. This one involves, food, beverages, and shopping – the holy trifecta. 
Doesn’t that sound nice?

Going to Christmas markets is a special tradition in countries from Centraleurope, such as Germany and Austria.

After work, coworkers go the market together, which can be found in all cities, no matter the size. They then shop homemade and traditional products, eat treats and drink Glühwein (warm wine) or Feuerzangbowle (warm punch).

That’s how every workday should end.

Bonus: Decorate your office

We cannot finish this blog post without a final remark.

If you want a great holiday spirit at work, you NEED to decorate. 
This will make your colleagues mood way better, and help create a great environment at work – nobody will want to go home!