wine setSurely you don’t wish to give just any old gift to your loyal clients? Ideally, you will give a personal or personalized, eye-catching business gift that is not too expensive and which lasts a long time. A gift that the recipient will gladly put on his/her desk, hang on the wall or take home with them to be used on a daily basis. Finding the ideal personal gift, however, is no mean feat. While one object may be overly familiar, the other may be too businesslike or neutral. Either way, don’t panic! IGO-POST will help you along the right track with a host of options.

Personalized office materials

Office material can be printed with your logo or indeed with your client’s logo. Every home and office should have a mouse pad, computer mouse or  stapling machine, and these are sure to be used by all kinds of clients.

Don’t forget the kids

If you know that certain clients have children, it might be a good idea to give them a gift for the youngest children in their households. These kinds of gifts are often given a special place at home, which means that they will continue to receive attention. Moreover, you can make gifts such as yoyos, backpacks, key chains or teddy bears much more personal by printing your company logo on them.

Your most loyal clients

Of course, you can treat your loyal clients to a somewhat more expensive business gift. Start off by thinking about where your client’s interests lie. Does he or she like wine, for example? If so, then a wine gift set or wine cooler is sure to be a well-received gift. A sports bag might be a good idea for the more sporty types among your clientele.  However, if you have no idea what your client’s interests and preferences are, you are better off going for a neutral gift. Don’t forget our custom made USB sticks, Post-its and key chains!

Tip: Set your budget before you start looking for a business gift. Make sure that your name, logo and field of business is included on the gift. That way, everyone who comes into contact with the gift will know who you are and what you do!