Leisure_and_OutdoorTo make things a little easier for you, the business gifts and promotional items offered by IGO-POST have been specially divided into categories. You can perform a targeted search for the business gift or promotional item that you have in mind. The use of various categories also provides us with a guarantee that we can offer our clients an extremely broad and diverse range of business gifts. Today we would like to present the ‘Leisure and Outdoor’ category.

Promotional umbrellas as a marketing tool

The top item from this category is the umbrella. Umbrellas have been used as business gifts for years and they are the kind of item that your clients can use time and time again. At IGO-POST all of our promotional umbrellas can be smartly branded. When placing an order, you have the option of getting the umbrella of your choice (storm proof umbrellas, designer umbrellas, reflective umbrellas, etc.) printed with your logo. In countries like the United Kingdom your clients will be more than grateful for a strong promotional umbrella. After all, since it rains so often here, you will have plenty of opportunity to draw attention to your brand name or organisation. Take, for example, sports events, festivals, walking tours, etc. to which thousands of people come, many of whom will get to see your brand name or organisation. At IGO-POST you can also find the award-winning designer umbrella from Senz.

Discover our selection of umbrellas!

Promotional items for real marketing success!

However, the ‘Leisure and Outdoor’ category also includes many more highly effective promotional items that can make your marketing campaign come to life. Not only can business gifts strengthen the relationship between you and your clients, but they can also work for you. They increase your level of consumer awareness and can even ensure that your brand is at the forefront of many people’s minds (TOMA). For example, there are various sports items and beach items that you can get printed such as beach balls, frisbees, hand towels, etc. You could even become known abroad with our trendy travel items. A range of promotional shoulder and hip bags, as well as reading lights and travel alarm clocks, all of which can of course be printed.

Finally, your customers can use our promotional compasses to drive or cycle to the perfect picnic spot. They can also travel safely at all times with our promotional safety items. They can keep their food and drinks cool or warm in our promotional cooler bags or thermo flasks. As you can already see, the promotional items and business gifts in our ‘Leisure and Outdoor’ category can guarantee your customers an unforgettable day out!

Come take a look at our ‘Leisure and Outdoor‘ collection as soon as possible and discover a range of business gifts to ensure a successful marketing campaign!