usb nieuwe zakenrelatiesBusiness gifts are essential to maintaining successful business relationships. However, the first business gift for a new business partner requires extra attention! This first gift will set the bar for what your business partner will expect of you in the future, and we all know just how important first impressions are!

Setting a budget for your business gifts

Your first thought might be to give a large, striking business gift. While this is sure to make a lasting impression, it is not always the best choice. It can cause your client to expect that you will be offering such business gifts on a regular basis, which may not be within the means of your budget for every contact moment with your business partner. In addition, excessively large gifts may come across as extravagant or something worse…

Conversely, excessively small business gifts give the impression that you do not fully appreciate your business partner. Selling a business relationship short is definitely not the goal of a business gift! We have provided a number of examples of business gifts that will make a good impression at an affordable price.

USB sticks with your company’s information on it!

Our USB sticks are one of the best business gifts in our selection. There are a number of benefits to giving USB sticks as business gifts. First and foremost, you can decide on the shape yourself, which means that instead of a printed business gift, you can give a gift in the shape of your logo, for example.

In addition, you can place numerous documents and your contact details on the USB stick, which means that your new business partners can contact you whenever they need to and furthermore, they will have all relevant information on your products and services without having to sort through superfluous paperwork.

A USB stick on its own may be too small a business gift, so it is a good idea to combine it with a personal gift. If you can appeal to the personal preference of your new business partner, you are sure to score points with your business gift!

While you can view the full IGO-POST catalog for more inspiration, we can also recommend a classic. You can complement this wine set, which comes complete with wine accessories in a luxurious wooden wine case, with your own selection of wines. If you have had a business lunch or dinner with your new business partner, you will probably know what kinds of wine he or she appreciates.