Sustainable Products: Building a Green Future Together

Climate change poses one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Years of unsustainable business practices across every sector have left many with a stark view of the future we’re building. But, the good news is that almost everyone is willing to help change the way we do business and live our lives, so we can build a green future together. At IGO Promo we’re committed to helping shape sustainable business practices in the promotional merchandise industry. We do this by sharing tips on sustainable products you can use in your promotional product marketing, and tips for how to live a more environmentally friendly life. Read on to learn more about how we can build a sustainable future together.

What is Sustainable?

With the rise of sustainable business practices, you’ll see a lot of companies trying to latch onto the ‘sustainable’ keyword and appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are – this phenomenon is called “greenwashing”, and should be avoided at all costs. Both because it has zero positive effect on the environment, and because it reflects badly on companies that inevitably get caught red-handed.

Instead, opt for products where you can be honest about what you can and cannot achieve in terms of sustainability. We have a wide selection of parts and fully sustainable promotional merchandise and corporate gifts that are not only produced in an eco-friendly manner but also made from sustainable materials. See our sustainable category.

Why are Sustainable Products Important?

Producing sustainable products and business gifts contributes to a better environment, economy, and our personal health in the long run. We see the demand for sustainable products and know that by not only offering sustainable products but by also making sure they are produced in an environmentally friendly manner lessens the negative environmental impact production has on the world we have to share among ourselves and future generations. Remember, when you buy sustainable products, you also help shape the worldview of your customers.

Sustainable Products: The Trends

Every year we add onto our sustainable assortment as new trends emerge and thus new products are being innovated. This was the case with products made in materials such as bamboo, cork, and RPET. The cool thing about these materials is that both bamboo and cork grow back when harvested, making it a sustainable production cycle, and RPET helps use already made polyester in new ways. In short, some materials are fully sustainable, and others help clean up waste. There’s no telling what the future will hold in this space, but it’s great that these options are readily available today.

Sustainable Products as a Marketing Tool

What can sustainable products do for your companies’ marketing efforts? It’s really as simple as understanding that by making positive, environmentally friendly moves with your merchandise and business gifts, you inspire customers and employees to do business sustainably. All of this reflects positively on your companies’ brand, which attracts and inspires more sustainable initiatives in the future.

Organising Sustainable Campaigns

People like to be part of initiatives they can get behind. We see this with international campaigns such as Earth Day, World Cleanup Day, and World Health Day. You can piggyback off of these events by participating as a company and giving away promotional merchandise and gifts to participants of the event – sustainable products of course. We strongly encourage you to participate in existing events or make your own – it will only help spread awareness and thus help the environment in the long run.

IGO Promo & Sustainability

Now we’ve shared some insights about what sustainability is and why it’s important. But, the question remains: What are we at IGO Promo doing to help? We operate under a charitable organisation that has a long history of donating profits to selected charities and thus putting Corporate Social Responsibility first. In addition, we also work hard to expand our sustainable product ranges to reduce the ecological footprint in the world. To further this point, we donate a percentage of our revenue to donating trees around the world – learn more here.

Tips for Living a More Sustainable Life

Although it sounds corny, creating a sustainable future together starts with you. Being consciously involved in separating waste, riding the bike to work instead of taking the car, eating meat-free, taking shorter showers, etc. are all things that positively impact the environment.

Wherever your personal journey towards sustainability begins, just know that you are a part of creating a better world for future generations.

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