Black Friday 2023: tips for your marketing!

On November 24th, 2023, numerous online shops and retail stores will once again unveil their top-notch deals for Black Friday. As a business, it’s essential not to lag behind during this shopping extravaganza. How can you distinguish yourself among all the offers and maximize your marketing impact on this day? In this article, we offer valuable Black Friday tips to help you achieve just that. And of course at IGO we are gearing up for an exceptional Black Friday promotion this year. Keep reading to discover more details.

Start preparing well in advance

Although Friday 24 November might appear distant, it is good to start preparing for the Black Friday campaign in 2023 well in advance. Think about which offers you want to associate with Black Friday this year. People count on really good deals, so make sure you don’t disappoint your target audience either. The more innovative and enticing your promotions are, the more successful they’ll likely be. In addition, make a promotional schedule for these offers.

Be inspired by other Black Friday promotions

As an example, take a look at Black Friday promotions from other companies and get inspiration from them for your own Black Friday campaign in 2023. Reflect on ways to set yourself apart from the typical Black Friday promotions. For instance, some companies utilize Black Friday not only as an opportunity to enhance their own revenue but also to contribute to charitable causes by allocating a portion of their proceeds to charity. This angle can not only differentiate your campaign but also make a positive impact beyond e-commerce.

Send a Black Friday newsletter

A newsletter proves to be a highly effective tool for promoting Black Friday offers. One strategy is to enhance people’s curiosity by hinting at the anticipation of exciting Black Friday deals. You can schedule newsletters to be sent approximately a week before Black Friday, then one day prior, and finally, in the morning on the day itself. This approach ensures that your audience remains well-informed and is unlikely to overlook the opportunity to seize the special Black Friday offers.

Make it a Black Weekend

The trend is also to extend Black Friday throughout the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, effectively creating a ‘Black Weekend’. This approach offers several advantages, ensuring that your customers have ample time to browse and make purchases. Recognizing that not everyone can shop on Friday due to various commitments or constraints, a Black Friday weekend allows for a more inclusive shopping experience, catering to a broader audience and potentially boosting sales over an extended period.

Go for Green Friday

There are various ways through which your company can make a positive environmental impact. One such initiative is the concept of “Green Friday,” designed to emphasize climate considerations amidst Black Friday. As a company, you can also choose to offer discounts on your sustainable and eco-friendly products during Black Friday, effectively crafting your own “Green Friday” campaign. Read more tips in the article about ideas and practical steps toward building a sustainable company and the insights for launching a sustainable campaign. Also view the extensive range of sustainable products from IGO Promo.

Boost your Black Friday campaign

Consider carefully which Black Friday campaigns you will set up in 2023 to generate exposure for your Black Friday offers. Consider various strategies such as online Black Friday ads trough platforms like Google AdWords and Google Display. Additionally, boost your offers via Social Media platforms as Facebook or Instagram to amplify the reach of your offers. Explore the possibilities of retargeting visitors who have shown interest but haven’t made a purchase yet. This strategy serves as a reminder to them, potentially converting their interest into a sale. By carefully planning and executing these campaigns, you can make the most of Black Friday and engage a wider audience.

Create a special action page

Make sure you have a dedicated promotion page well in advance showcasing all your Black Friday 2023 offers. By doing this ahead of time, you allow Google to index and include this page in its search results, enhancing its visibility to potential customers. In cases where your offers are not yet finalized, consider placing a teaser on the page to provide visitors with a sneak peek of what to expect on Black Friday. This teaser can generate anticipation and interest, ensuring that visitors return when the full offers are revealed.

Give a Black Friday gift with every order

Black Friday is of course known for its discount promotions but there’s room for creativity beyond discount; consider incorporating a promotion alongside discounts where you offer a complimentary gift with every order. This can significantly stimulate your target audience to make a purchase. Imagine offering attractive items like branded power banks or free printed cotton bags; these thoughtful gifts can make your Black Friday promotion even more enticing and memorable, setting your business apart from the competition.

Join Cyber Monday

Once Black Friday is over, don’t hit the brakes just yet – it’s time to shift your focus to Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday falls on the Monday immediately following Black Friday, which this year falls on November 27. Originally conceived as a counterpart to Black Friday, Cyber Monday was born as a way for online retailers to participate in the shopping frenzy. However, in recent times, it has evolved into an extension of Black Friday.

Utilize the tips mentioned above to ensure Black Friday 2023 is a success for your business.

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