Are you aware of our range of sustainable products?

Human impact on the earth is getting bigger and bigger, making sustainability more important every day. Both private and business are changing a lot: electric cars, recycling materials, lowering CO₂ emissions and so on.

At IGO we are also working hard to take green steps within the organization. Among other things, we carefully choose the suppliers of our gifts and the sustainability score is increasingly important.

Clipper Interall is one of these players in the field of import, printing and delivery of promotional products with a fully sustainable collection. We are proud to present a large part of these sustainable gifts on our website.

Reduce, reuse & recycle

Clipper Interall is continuously working on sustainability, reducing waste, reusing and recycling materials. In 2022, Clipper Interall was even the first company in the promotional business gifts sector to partner with GSES. GSES is a sustainability platform that uses globally recognized standards to measure sustainability performance within a company. This, in combination with an appropriate price-quality ratio, ensures that we at IGO have included a large part of these products in our collection.

Special collections

For example, you will find a very special collection on our website that is made from coffee grounds. We drink a lot of coffee worldwide, but what happens to all that coffee grounds that remain? Easy! Turn it into a soap, notebook or flower pot. These products are (partly) made from coffee grounds and the products also smell like coffee. How special is that?!

Or the special collection of Circular&Co, which makes cups from cups. They design reusable cups that save a total of about 17 billion disposable cups. Doubly worth it!

Reuse or recycle, what’s the difference?

Recycle, upcycle, downcycle or reuse: all those environmentally friendly terms are great, but what do they actually mean?

With upcycling, the name says it all, a product or material is completely reused, whereby the quality is maintained or even improved. An unusable product is therefore processed into a new product that has more value than before. For example, think of an empty wine bottle turned into a unique drinking glass.

The counterpart to this is downcycling. In this form they convert products/materials into less valuable products because the quality is partly lost. Plastic is more sensitive to this, among other things. The two terms that are sometimes confused are recycle and reuse. But there is indeed a difference: with recycling, used materials/products are transformed into a different type of product or material. Like with notebooks made from old milk cartons. With reuse, a product or material is used again in the same form, without anything being changed. Second-hand clothing is a good example of this.

Did you know that…….

….. Clipper Interall underwent a rebrand last month?

….. they belong to the Plato Group just like IGO?

….. we plant trees at IGO for every order you place?

….. paper is recycled an average of 7 times?

Will you also take green steps?

A bag made of recycled felt, a laptop sleeve made of apple leather, smart gadgets made of bamboo or a water bottle made of sugar cane waste. It is hard to imagine whether a product/material is recycled or reused into a new sustainable product.

And you can print all these items with your own logo. Because how wonderful isn’t it to move along with this circular flow as a company and to order a promotional product of which you do know the background? View our most popular sustainable gifts below!

Would you like to know what else you can do as a company in the field of sustainability? Then read the article ‘Step by step towards a sustainable company’.

1. Coffee Notebook A5 notebook

This notebook has a cover made of coffee grounds. How special is that? The content consists of 100% recycled paper.

2. Oxious Hammam Towels

A multifunctional towel made from 50% certified cotton and 50% recycled industrial textile waste. Ideal as a towel or scarf.

3. Coffee Pen Italy

A ballpoint pen made from 30% coffee grounds, how unique is that! Coffee residues melted together with recycled plastic, which eventually forms a coffee-scented pen.

4. Circular&Co Recycled Coffee Cup 340 ml coffee cup

These reusable coffee cups are made from recycled single-use paper coffee cups. The cup is insulating and 100% leak-proof. Ideal for on the go.

Curious about all sustainable gifts within our range? Take a look at our website or contact our sales department for more sustainable information about the range.

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