Sweets are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of promotional items. Nevertheless, sweets are very suitable for promoting your name and brand. Sweet treats are very popular and are often irresistible. Make good use of this clever promotion that can be used almost everywhere and at any time. You can find tips about using sweets for promotions in the previously published blog ‘Promotion sweets as a tasty giveaway’.

There are more and more possibilities and methods as the variety of sweets and wrappings with which you can promote your brand continues to increase. Where years ago the promotion through sweets was limited to printing on the paper wrapping of a packet of mints, nowadays there is a far wider selection. The fact that the range continues expanding, says a lot about the popularity.

An eye-catching presentation increases the irresistibility of sweets

The presentation of sweets is of course very important. Colour plays an important role. That is why much attention is paid to the wrapping. Small sweets, such as wine gums, mints, chocolate sweets or jellybeans, are wrapped in eye-catching tin boxes, dispensers and jars in various colours and made from various materials. IGO-POST offers an attractive selection. Of course we can print your logo or name on the wrapping. This way, you can design the wrapper of a chocolate, packet of mints or a boiled sweet to fit your corporate style.

Unique promotion with printed mints!

New at IGO-POST is the full colour print on mints! Your own logo or image combined with an exclusive, unique and tasty treat. An eye-catcher that will certainly make the receiver look twice. You customer will definitely examine the mint before eating it and that means an extra contact moment. In addition, the mints are packaged in an eye-catching tin box with a transparent lid which will also have your print on it.

A logo that looks good enough to eat

You might wonder whether it is safe to eat ink. The answer is yes. We use special AZO-free ink for printing on these mints. The edible ink is produced according to strict food safety & quality requirements and complies with FDA regulations. The edible ink is made from a mixture of water, ethanol, FDA-approved preservatives and colouring agents, and is produced with machines that do not come into contact with food allergens, and is made according to the FDA Code of Federal Regulations.