CalculatorSeeing as the end of the year is in sight, would you like to do something extra for your clients? Perhaps you don’t have a huge marketing budget. Or maybe you would like to reach all of your clients. If so, there are options. You can send printed business gifts as part of a catchy mailing campaign. Give your clients a little attention in an appropriate way, while at the same time drawing attention to your company, brand or product.

Mailing campaigns that include a little gift will always get opened

Towards the end of the year, in and around the Holidays, you will probably want to surprise your clients with a small gift as a token of your appreciation for their loyalty. However, there is a good chance that you will not get to contact all of your clients personally before that time. If so, a mailing campaign is the ideal medium. Do you think there is a good chance your mailing campaign won’t get read? If so, make your mailing campaign extra attractive by including a business gift with it. Naturally, you will want your client to open the envelope. Pay special attention to getting an attractive envelope. Make sure recipients get the feeling there is something inside it. Or state on the outside of the envelope that it contains a festive gift. After all, people are curious by nature. Any envelope containing a gift will not get left unopened.

Show your appreciation for your clients with printed business gifts

In your letter you can show that your clients are important to you. Pamper your client. After all, everybody likes to feel appreciated. Put your money where your mouth is by including a nice business gift. This doesn’t have to be expensive. IGO-POST has a wide range of inexpensive business gifts that are also lightweight. This will automatically lower the shipping costs for your mailing campaign.

Depending on the kind of products you sell, you can probably use a business gift that creates a fun association with them. You can also go for something more general. You can use a small, lightweight calculator to indicate that your clients can continue to count on your in 2013. You can also go for a dispenser in the shape of a credit card, filled with peppermints; to make a fresh start in the New Year. You can use the hand-clapper to give your client a round of applause and a small mirror to thank the person looking in it.

Use promotional gifts to make your mailing campaign fun

Anything is conceivable. Take a look in our webshop and take your inspiration from over 1,200 business gifts and promotional items. You can find numerous inexpensive business gifts that are also lightweight. Let the best of your creative side shine and make your mailing campaign something special so that people will remember your company name, brand and product. The more fun the mailing campaign, the longer your client will remember it. If you pay attention to your clients, they will also pay attention to you.