5 features of Corporate Social Responsibility in the business gifts sector

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more and more important in business, and the business gifts sector is no exception. People expect both big and small companies will make their decisions with due consideration for the economy, the environment and society. Companies cannot become socially responsible overnight: it requires the commitment and efforts of management and employees.

CSR is a very broad term that decision-makers can define in their own way. Below you will find a checklist for the business gifts sector, containing a number of features that are important for companies focusing on CSR. For example, you can choose to be a company that is concerned with the three P’s – Profits, People and the Planet – which is a key term in CSR.

Feature 1: Environmental protection

Companies in the business gift sector can do their bit for the environment primarily by raising awareness among employees, clients and suppliers. This can be done by way of simple incentives such as installing recycling dustbins, giving tips on reducing energy consumption, encouraging people to take the train instead of the car and purchasing sustainable promotional products.

Hard-core ethical companies go even further. They insist on every activity for which the company is responsible – from importing to production and exporting – fully complies with environmental standards and legislation.

Feature 2: Employee safety and commitment

Employees should be given the respect they deserve. A number of scandals have demonstrated that this is not always the case. Bullying and unsafe workplaces are by no means the exception. Draft an ethical code and have it signed by all companies.

While managers like to be in charge, it has been proven that employees are more motivated when they are given a share of responsibility. Most companies organise team-building days to increase employee commitment. Small companies often lag behind this due to financial considerations, so you can always give a gift or incentive instead. These do not have to be extremely expensive gifts of incentives.

Feature 3: Collaborating with not-for-profitĀ organisations

While profit is important to companies, they could share a portion of their profits with not-for-profit businesses or charitable foundations. Companies can do so in a number of ways.

For example, companies in the business gifts sector can do so by offering not-for-profit organisations discounts or offering them free printing or printed items. In addition, they can set up specific projects to support organisations.

Feature 4: Sustainable investment and purchasing policies

More and more companies are making sustainable investments. This means that they take into account the economic, social, ecological and cultural impact of their entire processes, both in the short term and then long term. Campaigns set up by suppliers are carefully studied to ensure an ethical policy. The various interested parties are interviewed, in order to look at the various requirements side by side.

IGO Promo also has a sustainable purchasing policy that investigates how products are manufactured, people’s working conditions, etc.

Feature 5: Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is a general term for the way in which companies are managed. IGO Promo attaches great importance to having an efficient management team that maintains good relationships will all interested parties. Scandals such as the Enron scandal that came to light in the past led to changes in national and international law. Our sector must also comply with the various requirements and laws that are there to protect everyone.

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