SportWe recently gave you 5 tips for more energy. Below you find another 5 tips that are guaranteed toprovide an energy boost. There are a variety of ways, from sunlight to exercise, we can boost our energy levels to make sure we are in top form!

Tip 6. Sunlight

People who are in a dark office practically 24/7 will experience a burnout much sooner than other people. In fact, sunlight plays an important role in how we feel; take, for example, the winter blues. So make sure to get a breath of fresh air on a regular basis. That way, you will get some sunlight, while breathing in some fresh air, which is also beneficial to your energy levels.

Tip 7. Floral colors

Anyone familiar with color psychology will know that colors can have a positive impact on on your humour and energy levels. For example, the color green improves concentration, and it is scientifically proven that (happy) colors activate the neurons in our brains to provide extra energy. After all, you will find colors everywhere! On printed clothing and printed office accessories, although you could also give your office or work station a lick of paint.

Tip 8. Drink sufficient fluids

Our bodies are made of around 70% water. So make sure you get enough hydration to keep your body going. To this end, water, tea and coffee are ideal choices for the office, and you can rely on IGO-POST for everything from printed water bottles to printed coffee cups and printed, wooden teaboxes.

Tip 9. Music gets people moving

Music is the ideal means for more energy. A nice piece of music will get people moving and even singing along to your favorite record will ensure that your brain stays active. Get yourself a printed MP3 player with your favorite songs on it or a radio that you tune in to your favorite radio station.

Tip 10. Sports & exercise

Various studies have shown that people who practise sport on a regular basis generally have more energy than people who do not practise sport or exercise on a regular basis. Even half an hour of sport on your lunch break can work wonders! You and your colleagues can definitely amuse yourselves for half an hour with a printed Frisbee or a printed beachball!

Last but not least, another thing that always works is photographs of people you like to see, as well as beautiful, exotic landscapres or inspirational items like that beautiful oldtimer you have always wanted to buy. At IGO-POST we stock printed calendars and printed photograph frames especially for this purpose, so that your sources of inspiration will always be on your desk.

Thanks to these energy tips and business gifts from IGO-POST, your employees will be working somewhat more productively in no time!